Top 10 Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Costs to Ship a Motorcycle: How to Get the Best Prices

Understanding the Basics of Motorcycle Shipping Services

Whether you want to ship your motorcycle across the state, across the US, or overseas, this is a job that is best left up to the professionals at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  As one of the top 10 motorcycle shipping companies in the US, our transport specialists will ensure that your bike arrives at its new location on time, safely, and undamaged.  We offer convenient, cost-effective motorcycle transport services from anywhere in the US to just about anywhere in the world.

What is involved in choosing a motorcycle shipping company?

When you’re searching for company to transport your motorcycle to a new location, you want to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable, trustworthy shipping specialist like Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  It’s always best to choose a company that specializes in transporting motorcycles rather than hiring a standard moving service.  There are certain qualities that you should look for, too.  These include:

  • being bonded, insured, and licensed
  • charging cost-effective shipping rates
  • having a DOT certification
  • highly rated with positive reviews and customer testimonials
  • offering various shipping and delivery services
  • personalized shipping services
  • possessing high-quality, up-to-date equipment and materials

Furthermore, if the company has a positive BBB approval rating and review, this is also a desirable quality.  Remember, the top 10 motorcycle shipping companies were built on good relationships with their clients or customers. And over the years, most of our clients have been referrals from past clients. That shows that we have been trusted as we offer excellent service, secure transportation and cost-effective pricing.

What type of shipping methods do you provide?

In order to fit the needs of the people they serve; Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers several shipping methods.  Motorcycles can be shipped in an enclosed or open-air trailer as well as a flatbed trailer.  We offer several transport methods for you to choose from depending on your budget and specific needs.  Here are 5 different methods that we offer:

  • Terminal-to-terminal transport – this is a cost-effective option as well. However, you’ll have to pick up your bike at a depot or terminal.  Depending on the proximity of the delivery point to where you live, this could be an inconvenient option.
  • Open-air transport – just as the descriptive name implies, this involves having the motorcycle secured to a flatbed or open vehicle trailer (possibly with several other bikes). Just be aware that the bike is unprotected and exposed to the weather.
  • Enclosed transport – this is, without a doubt, the safest and most secure bike shipping method. Although this method offers the most protection from the elements and other road hazards, it is the most expensive.
  • Door-to-door transport – when shipping your motorcycle with this method, it is picked up at a specific location and shipped directly to its intended destination.
  • Crated transport – with this option, we secure your motorcycle to a pallet, crate it, and then load onto a trailer. This is a popular shipping option because it’s not too cheap nor is it too expensive.

Although these options may appear complicated to some, any of the top 10 motorcycle shipping companies will be happy to explain the process so their customers have no problems understanding them.  We’ll walk you through the whole process so that you are sure your motorcycle will be safely secured and delivered. At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, our goal is to make the customer aware the many options we provide and to deliver on our promises to the customer at all times.

How do you prepare a motorcycle for shipping?

No matter which of the above shipping methods you choose, it’s crucial to ensure that your motorcycle will be ready for transport when our driver arrives at the pick-up point and is ready to load your bike.  Preparing your motorcycle for the trip is relatively easy.  Just follow these simple steps and your bike will be good to go:

  • Make sure your bike has been cleaned thoroughly, wheels included.
  • Document and take photos of the bike’s condition in case you need to file a damage claim later.
  • Notify the transport driver of any existing mechanical issues or problems.
  • Remove any accessories and personal items.
  • Don’t leave more than 1/4 tank of gas
  • Disable the alarm if it has one.
  • Check the battery, all fluids, and tire pressure.

Furthermore, no matter which of the top 10 motorcycle shipping companies you hire, consider purchasing additional shipping service for two reasons.  First, they only provide the bare minimum coverage (at no charge) and second, the insurance on your bike will not protect it while it’s in transit.  Call us today to get a free quote on your shipping requirements or to get more information about shipping your bike. Contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today.