As with so many other inventions, the evolution of the motorcycle occurred gradually in stages.  Interestingly enough, not a single inventor can take sole credit for it.  In fact, numerous inventors, most of who were in Europe, introduced different versions of the motorcycle during the 19th century. 

In 1867, a 2-cylinder, steam-powered device known as the “velocipede” was invented by American inventor Howard Roper.  Several years later, Lucius Copeland produced the “Moto-Cycle” although it was a 3-wheeled vehicle.

 For the next 10 years after Copeland’s invention, there were literally dozens of designs of self-powered bicycles invented.  However, in 1885, two German inventors developed a gas-powered device called the Reitwagon. 

It was the historical moment when a gas-powered engine was mounted on a bicycle and the modern day motorcycle was born.  However, the greatest name in motorcycle history was created in 1903 when William Harley partnered with Arthur and Walter Davidson to create the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  The rest, as has been said many times before, is history.

 Motorcycle Shipping Services

Statistics show that nearly 10% of all US households have one or more motorcycles.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you own a bike and enjoy the thrill of riding on two wheels. 

Whether it’s just a day ride through the countryside or month-long vacation tour across the US, nothing can compare to the exhilaration of cruising the open road on your bike. 

However, if you’re relocating across the country or traveling a long-distance to a motorcycle rally, riding your bike to your destination may not be your best option.

You need best motorcycle shipping companies to haul bikes. There are plenty of professional motorcycle shipping company that would be glad to assist you haul bikes across the country.

 And that’s where our company can help when it comes to haul bikes from Point A to Point B.  As one of the top motorcycle transport companies in the motorcycle shipping industry and throughout the US, we’ve built our reputation on providing bike owners the excellent customer service they deserve since 1993. 

When it is about haul bikes, auto transport companies can’t provide the premium service and TLC that’s required to ship a motorcycle domestically or internationally. But there are others that do such as Montway auto transport.

 To know more about the auto transport company you intend signing up with, you can check with better business bureau and save money on the price lock promise. Most companies offer instant online quotes, such as Sherpa auto transport and Montway auto transport.

Additionally, our auto transport company offers enclosed shipping, with scheduled delivery dates, details on how much does it cost when you use professional motorcycle mover service.

In addition to the wear and tear of riding your bike long distances to its destination or new home, there are other factors that warrant hiring a motorcycle transporting services instead of an auto transport company.  Plus, when you consider the weight of your bike, especially if you’re talking about Harley Davidson motorcycle shipping, DIY motorcycle transport is out of the question.

Most of the motorcycle owners are unaware of the fact that there is a huge difference in car shipping and shipping a motorcycle. Whether it is enclosed transport or door to door services, you can get instant online quotes or motorcycle shipping quote online.

All good companies, like ours offer well-maintained fleet of transport truck. If you are price matching or comparing motorcycle shipping quotes, we offer competitive prices and services.

 Furthermore, having your bike hauled on an open trailer, like most vehicle shipping companies do, exposes your motorcycle to damage or theft.  So that isn’t a practical option either. 

The bottom line is that hiring professional motorcycle shippers is the best option where transporting your bike is concerned.  In most cases, this is the least worrisome and most hassle or stress-free option for motorcycle shipping.

Ship My Bike

 How much does it cost for Motorcycle Shipping Services?

No two motorcycle shipping companies are alike and neither is the price they charge for motorcycle shipping services.  Every vehicle situation is unique, meaning we can’t give you an exact cost without getting specific information from you. 

However, we can offer some general guidelines.  An overall comparison of the top 10 motorcycle shipping companies in the US shows the average cost to ship a motorcycle is between $800 and $1,000.  However, there are several factors to consider when calculating costs that we’ve listed below.

 4 Shipping Options to consider

 When it comes to shipping your bike, you have 4 options to consider before you make your decision – 1) DIY motorcycle transport, 2) freight company motorcycle shipping, 3) independent hauler motorcycle transport, or 4) professional motorcycle shippers. 

Each option has its merits, and depending on your particular situation, any one of them could be the ideal choice for shipping your motorcycle.  Here is a breakdown:

 DIY motorcycle transport

Although this shipping option provides the bike owner with the most control over the shipping process, it doesn’t always save them money.  For instance, if you want to ship a motorcycle, you’ll need a trailer or truck that is large enough your bike.  You’ll need a ramp and ratchet tie-downs as well. 

Remember, if you don’t have the specialized equipment that shipping companies and transport companies use, your bike could get damaged during the shipping process.  You also need to factor in the cost of fuel, hotels, and meals as well as the wear and tear on your vehicle.

 Freight company motorcycle shipping

If you’re opposed to the DIY motorcycle transport method but the timing of your move and vehicle shipment is the key priority, consider hiring a freight company as a motorcycle shipping solution. 

Freight companies specialize in transporting large shipments throughout the US and have built a reputation based on delivering vehicles on time.  We understand that most motorcycle transport companies are reliable and deliver on time. However, exigencies occur and there may be delays.

Most of them require that your motorcycle be shipped in a fully enclosed crate which adds to the cost and takes additional time.

 Independent hauler motorcycle transport

Certain companies that are found online can be a middle-of-the-road motorcycle shipping option to consider.  Just go to their website, enter the type of bike you have and your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and where you’re shipping your bike to. 

Independent haulers typically bid on their jobs and will submit one for your consideration.  In most cases, these motorcycle shipping companies can be very economical and even cheaper than DIY motorcycle shipping.  Unfortunately, some don’t have a lot of experience.

Independent Motorcycle Transport

 Professional motorcycle shippers

Companies specialize in how to ship a motorcycle.  Although it will cost you more to hire these motorcycle shipping services rather than an independent hauler motorcycle shipping company, they have numerous advantages over the other options. 

They have all the required specialized equipment and know the best way to ship the type of motorcycle you have, no matter if it’s a dirt bike or a Harley Davidson.

They have a trained crew that handles all sorts of motorcycles and bikes on a daily basis. Thus, they understand the intricacies associated with hauling bikes worldwide.

 Shipping Methods

There are three basic motorcycle shipping methods that the best motorcycle shipping companies, offer – container motorcycle shipping, open-air or open carrier motorcycle shipping and enclosed trailer motorcycle transport. 

Besides the obvious, here is how these motorcycle shipping methods differ:

 Container motorcycle shipping

This is a great option if you’re shipping your bike domestically over long distances or international shipping.  Your motorcycle will be loaded and secured inside a shipping container using specialized equipment and tie-downs on the front and rear wheels. 

Each shipping container can hold several bikes as well as ATV’s, dirt bikes, and other household content.  When you hire our container shipping services, it’s important that you drain the fuel tank prior to loading.

 Open-air / open carrier motorcycle shipment

With this shipping method, your bike is loaded onto an auto transport or motorcycle transport trailer with several other bikes and/or vehicles.  This enables shipping companies and auto transport companies to ship several bikes and vehicles at the same time. 

This helps to keep the cost to ship vehicles down as transport drivers are able to do several pick-ups and drop-offs during the same trip. 

Another factor that makes open-air motorcycle shippers more cost-effective is the abundance of open hauler truckers that exist.  With the intense level of competition in the motorcycle shipping industry, it dramatically reduces the cost to ship a bike and ensures that there will be a hauler that fits your budget. 

Additionally, there’s a better likelihood that the hauler you choose will be able to accommodate your schedule. 

Here’s another consideration.  Hiring Cheap Motorcycle Shipping as your shippers ensures that you’ve chosen a reputable company that will transport your bike to its new home with minimal to know damage. 

Remember, road hazards and weather are factors to consider where open carrier shipping is concerned as these can damage your bike. 

Enclosed trailer motorcycle transport

You’re other choice for shipping your bike is enclosed motorcycle transport.  Although this shipping method is more expensive, your bike will be shipped with fewer vehicles, meaning there’s less risk of damage occurring in transit. 

There are also fewer enclosed trailer haulers on the road.  So this has the tendency to drive costs up as well.  

Consequently, this means that you’ll need to be more flexible about the pick-up and drop-off of your motorcycle since there are fewer haulers to choose from. 

But most importantly, your bike will be protected from the elements.  You’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best value for the money spent when hiring enclosed trailer shipping services from our company. 

The primary disadvantage of enclosed trailer shipping is one that is totally understandable.  Compared to open-air or open carrier shipping carries a higher cost because it’s the safest and most secure way to ship a motorcycle. 

Enclosed trailers come in a wide range of sizes and are capable of transporting several bikes at a time.  Therefore, this is the ideal option to consider if you have more than one bike. 

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6 Additional Factors that can influence the Cost to Ship a Motorcycle

After reading the content above, you’ve probably already determined that there are certain shipping factors that can affect the cost to ship a motorcycle. 

However there are additional factors that can influence the cost of shipping a motorcycle , even when it’s the best motorcycle shipping companies that we’re discussing.  These factors include:


You may have figured out that the greater the motorcycle shipping distance, the higher your motorcycle shipping costs will be.  In some instances, auto transport companies and motorcycle shipping companies will charge less per mile once a certain distance threshold is met.

 Door to door delivery

This motorcycle shipping option is the most common transport method compared to how other types of vehicles are shipped.  Since motorcycles are lighter and smaller than other vehicles, they’re easier to load and easier to deliver. 

Unlike other transport carriers that can haul several vehicles at a time and require more space to turn around, motorcycle carriers are smaller and easier to maneuver.

 Express shipping

How quickly you need Cheap Motorcycle Shipping to transport your bike to its new location is another factor that can influence the cost of shipping.  So if you want to keep things budget-friendly, choose economy or standard shipping options. 

However, if timing is critical and you just can’t wait, express shipping is the best way to go.

 Shipping insurance

Before you start shopping for a motorcycle shipping company, talk to your insurance representative about the type of insurance coverage in your policy and whether your motorcycle will be covered if it gets damaged in transit. 

Freight companies, independent haulers, and professional motorcycle shippers like Cheap Motorcycle Shipping usually provide some form of insurance coverage. 

So it’s crucial that you find out if the coverage that’s provided will cover accessories as well as your bike and how much those coverage limits are.  You may want to consider additional insurance coverage. 

Pick-up and delivery locations

You should expect to pay more if your pick-up and delivery locations are located in areas that are difficult to get to or in rural areas.  On the other hand, it will be considerably cheaper if those locations are in major urban areas. 

Urban locations are not only easier to reach, there are more drivers available in larger populated areas, so delivery dates are on schedule.

 Time of year

Another factor that can have an impact on motorcycle shipping costs is the time of year that you need your bike shipped.  Believe it or not, there are certain periods during the year when motorcycle transport services will cost more and are more in demand. 

For instance, when “snowbirds” are headed to Florida during wintertime, car shipping services can be difficult to book. 

Furthermore, because inclement weather and less daylight are a factor during the winter, a motorcycle shipped often takes longer.

 Find the right bike hauling service

While motorcycle transport services aren’t cheap, shipping a motorcycle is considerably less expensive.  The key is to find a car shipping company that offers the best value for the investment when transporting your bike to its new location.

 Motorcycle Shipping vs. Vehicle Shipping

 No matter where you go, whether it’s for work or pleasure, you’ll probably see more cars than motorcycles on the road.  As a result, more people have turned to auto transport companies than motorcycle shipping services when it comes to relocating. 

When you consider the numerous makes and models of vehicles that are on the road today, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are more vehicle shipping companies than motorcycle shipping companies.

 Shipping Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, and Vans

 There are numerous types of motorcycles in use today that travel on US roadways including ATV’s, cruisers, dirt bikes, scooters, sport bikes, touring bikes, trikes, and more. 

Since there are significantly fewer of these than cars, SUV’s, trucks, and vans, there are fewer shipping companies of 2022 that specialize in transporting these vehicles. 

Even more important is the fact that there are significant differences between auto transport services and motorcycle transporters.  So how do they differ?

 Most car shipping services use open-air trailers or open vehicle carriers to transport cars, SUV’s, trucks, and vans.  The most common form of auto transport is a multi-level trailer that can carry 8 to 10 vehicles at a time. 

Another common type of auto transport trailer is the flatbed carrier that can transport 2 or 3 vehicles at a time.  Some vehicle transport services use enclosed trailers to ship vehicles.  This type of auto transport is considerably more expensive to hire because they’re unable to carry more vehicles.

 Shipping Motorcycles or ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, and Trikes

 On the other hand, most motorcycle shipping companies specialize in shipping bikes in enclosed trailers due to the risk of damage and theft that is characteristic of open-air shipping. 

Shipping a motorcycle on an open-air or open carrier transport makes it susceptible to bad weather as well as dirt and road grime.  While enclosed shipping will cost more than open carrier shipping, but just like with everything else, you do get what you pay for.

 Reduce safety risks

Enclosed motorcycle transport keep your bike out of the elements while in transit so it arrives at your new location relatively clean and unscathed. 

Furthermore, the risk of your motorcycle being stolen is dramatically reduced when it is shipped in an enclosed trailer. 

That should give you peace of mind knowing that your motorcycle is safe and secure when you hire Cheap Motorcycle Shipping to ship your bike in an enclosed motorcycle transport trailer.

 In addition to the above, most car shipping companies don’t have the proper equipment required for shipping of motorcycles .  For example, vehicle shipping tie-down straps are much stronger and more robust than those used for shipping of motorcycles . 

Tie-downs for motorcycles are specifically designed for securing bikes without causing damage to any of the suspension components or seals while in transit.

 Preparing the Inside of Your Bike is as Important as Preparing the Outside

Whether you’re going on vacation, participating in a motorcycle rally, or relocating to another city and state, our motorcycle transport organization will ensure that you can take your favorite set of wheels with you. 

It might surprise you to know that domestic and international motorcycle shipping costs are more affordable than you think when it comes to getting your bike safely and securely to your new location. 

However, there are certain measures that the best motorcycle shipping companies need you to address beforehand including preparing your bike for shipping.

 How to Prepare the Inside of Your Bike for Shipping

 There is a lot that goes into prepping the bikes for hauling to a different destination. Whether your bike isn’t expensive or you have one of the classy BMW bike, before it is transported, you’ll need to adhere to the mandatory safety guidelines.

Reduce the amount of gas in your fuel tank

One of the first things to address is the level of fuel in the gas tank.  Our company specialists recommend leaving no more than a quarter of a tank of fuel in your bike for safety purposes when shipping your bike within the US. 

However, if your bike is being transported for international shipping purposes, the tank should be completely drained of all fuel.  Not following these guidelines will result in additional charges when motorcycle shippers have to siphon gas out of the tank.

 Document ALL mechanical issues or problems

 It’s just as important to document any existing mechanical problems as it is to document any damage to your bike (see below). 

This alleviates any liability on the motorcycle shippers’ behalf.  Plus, it protects your motorcycle from any further potential damage.

 Make sure the tires are properly inflated

Granted, it’s important to ensure that your motorcycle is in proper working condition.  So having the tires properly inflated helps to cushion your bike and protect it from any potential damage during the shipping process.

 Report or resolve any fluid leaks

If there are any fluid leaks on your motorcycle, these must be reported to the motorcycle shippers you’ve hired to transport your bike.  This can cause unwanted damage to your bike or other bikes inside the container. 

Furthermore, any leaks that you’re aware of should be fixed prior to loading your bike or reported to the motorcycle shipping company so the proper precautions can be taken prior to transporting it.

 How to Prepare the Outside of Your Bike for Shipping

It’s just as important to ensure that the exterior of your bike is prepared for the shipping process as the inside.  Here is what you need to do before you turn it over to Cheap Motorcycle Shipping: 

Give your motorcycle a thorough cleaning

A good solid wash will help you remove all heavy road grime and ensure that there’s no dirt deposits on the tires and wheels.  Thoroughly washing your motorcycle will enable you to get a better idea of its condition before it leaves on its journey to its new location.

 Document the condition of your bike

Carefully inspect your motorcycle’s condition.  This will help you avoid any future issues should you need to make a damage claim against your insurance coverage. 

Be sure to make a note regarding any chipped paint, cosmetic marks, dents, or scratches on your motorcycle. 

We recommend taking several photos of your motorcycle from different angles as well as close-ups of the existing damage.  Be sure to put dates on all records and show them to the motorcycle shipper’s representative that is handling your account.

 Remove all accessories and loose items

 Our motorcycle shipping company isn’t responsible for damaged accessories and loose items that get lost during the shipping process.  Nor will these be covered by insurance. 

Therefore, it’s critical that you remove from your saddlebags, storage compartments, or trunk along with all custom and loose items including:

·       bicycle racks

·       GPS systems

·       luggage racks

·       removable stereos 

·       spoilers

·       toll tags

Any fasteners that are readily accessible should be checked as well.  Your bike may be in transport for several days or a couple of weeks depending on its shipping destination.  Loose fasteners can come undone and result in parts falling off your bike.

 Motorcycle Shipping Agenda

 As one of the best Shipping Companies of 2022, we are happy to summarize your motorcycle shipping agenda in the following 9 steps:

 Step #1:  Determine the type of trailer you want hauling your bike

First and foremost, you need to decide whether you want your motorcycle shipped in an enclosed trailer or open-air carrier. 

Enclosed trailers provide optimum protection for your bike during the shipping process.  However, the open-air method of transporting motorcycles is significantly cheaper.

 Step #2:  Get price quotes from several companies

Compare price quotes from 4 to 6 auto transport or motorcycle shipping companies.  Consider the level of service desired (crated or uncrated, door-to-door delivery, enclosed transport, open-air transport, etc.).

 Step #3:  Schedule your transport services

Once you’ve chosen the best motorcycle shipping company for your needs (see below under Why choose Cheap Motorcycle Shipping as Your Motorcycle Transporters), schedule your service ASAP so you’re get placed on their calendar. 

If you’re shipping your bike cross-country, it can take 5 to 7 days.  So you might want to plan a 3-day window for pick-up and drop-off to accommodate unexpected delays.

 Step #4:  Document your motorcycle’s condition

 This must be done prior to shipping, otherwise the motorcycle shippers you’ve chosen may not be liable for any damages that occur during the shipping process (see above under “How to Prepare the Outside of Your Bike for Shipping”). 

Step #5:  Finish preparing your motorcycle for shipping

(See the entire section above entitled “Preparing the Inside of Your Bike is as Important as Preparing the Outside”)

Step #6:  Consider purchasing additional insurance coverage

Most transport companies include some type of insurance coverage, but it may not be sufficient enough to cover your bike’s full value.  Purchasing additional coverage will ensure that our motorcycle is fully protected.

 Step #7:  Ship your motorcycle

Your Cheap Motorcycle Shipping driver will meet you at your location to pick up your bike.  If you want to expedite the shipping process, you can also bring your bike to our shipping depot.

 Step #8:  Accept delivery of your motorcycle

Meet your shipping carrier at your new location to accept your bike.  Once your motorcycle has been unloaded from the motorcycle transporter’s trailer, inspect it immediately for damage.  If you need to file a claim against your insurance coverage, you should do so as soon as possible.

 Why choose our company as Your Motorcycle Transporters?

We are a client-focused motorcycle transport company.  That means our “service first” business operation focuses on YOU, the client – not US

Our commitment to you is to ensure efficient, hassle-free, and reliable management of all your shipping services by providing competitive transport rates and exceeding your expectations. 

We understand that the price to ship a motorcycle can be a large expense.  However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  You can always get a FREE, no-obligation quote to budget the move.

Quality services at affordable prices

We also understand that many bike owners have not gotten the premium service they deserve from other shipping company, when hiring their motorcycle transport services and paying top dollar for them as well. 

That’s a bad combination when you’re trying to convince people that your company is the only transport company to hire for transport services.  So why are we us one of the best shipping companies of 2022? Well, the fact is that we take care of our customers individual requirements and ensure professional services at all times.

In addition to being in business for nearly 30 years, there are 5 reasons for our success:

OUR culture and service define our values

Since day one, our clients have always been our #1 priority.  We continually strive for peak performance across our entire company. 

Our initiative is what drives us to be the best and keep one step ahead of our industry competitors at all times.

 OUR PEOPLE are our greatest assets

Every motorcycle shipping specialist in our employ has a strong entrepreneurial mentality and are dedicated to working together with our clients and assisting them with their logistic needs.  We are committed to providing every client with superior service and satisfying their needs.

 OUR work ethic

Operational excellence in the motorcycle shipping process, whether domestic or international shipping, is our goal.  This enables us to deliver the highest quality service possible while maintaining competitive shipping rates at all times. 

We know reliability is key.  So we harness our infrastructure and technology to help us be prepared for any eventuality.

 WE are a client-focused motorcycle transport company

So what does this mean for you? It means our business is all about you, the customer; you are the central focus of our success.  Our staff understands that customer satisfaction is primary and will go that extra mile to ensure you are happy with our services.

We’ve dedicated our business to your needs, whatever those needs may be and wherever you need our motorcycle shipping services.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Transport Companies
Finding the Best Motorcycle Transport Companies
 WE are continually growing

Since establishing our company in 1993, we’ve never looked back.  Over that period, we’ve become one of the most recognized company in the motorcycle shipping industry both domestically and internationally. 

The size of our company means there is no location worldwide that we can’t reach. Our trained, licensed and insured staff is conversant with all aspects of shipping the motorcycles. Whether you want to entrust us wit your vintage bike or want the latest super-bike transported to another city or country, we are here to complete the task.

From prepping to packing and transporting your vehicle as per you selected transportation mode, we ensure safe delivery of your motorcycle within the country or abroad.

To learn more about our company or for additional information regarding our services, call us today at (888) 230-9776. Our business representatives are available to take your calls, answer your queries and walk you through the whole process. If you are looking to transport your motorcycle, don’t wait another day. Call us now.