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How Much Does Shipping a Motorcycle Cost?

We understand how valuable your motorcycle is to you

If you are looking for an affordable motorcycle transport company that also prioritizes the safety of your bike, you may have to conduct detailed research in the motorcycle transport industry. Other auto transport companies just don’t get it.

Alternatively, you can choose to work with an experienced motorcycle shipper just like us.

We founded Cheap Motorcycle Shipping because we wanted to provide other motorcycle enthusiasts with a motorcycle transport service that they could trust.

The motorcycle shipping company backs you with years of experience, a reasonable motorcycle shipping quote, a hassle-free door to door service, and on time delivery. Unlike most Our motorcycle shipping costs will surely match your budget.

Are we’re safer than other motorcycle carriers? Here’s the answer.

Are you afraid of…

You don’t have to worry about any of that with us because we are just as passionate about bikes. We get that you shouldn’t mess with another person’s motorcycle – and we take that to heart. 

Our company works hard to offer a stress-free motorcycle shipping experience because your bike is important to us.

What Makes Us Different from Other Motorcycle Shipping Companies?

We Love Motorcycles

If you think a truck driver would be enough to ship a motorcycle, you're wrong. General-purpose carriers or other shipping companies only care about getting your vehicle from point A to point B. As one of the premier motorcycle shipping services, we don't just ship a motorcycle, bike, or dirt bike. Our skilled and experienced motorcycle shippers take all precautions during loading and transit, making sure to deliver your motorcycle safely.

Our Motorcycle Transport Services are Insured

Apart from the risk of damage in open transport, there are several other risks involved. These include theft of - or damage to - important motorcycle parts, such as the air ride suspension, brakes, mirrors, handles, tires, etc. Working with a professional motorcycle transport company is always the safest option. So, you should always work with registered and approved motorcycle shipping companies - like Us. Not only are we registered, but also offer insurance. Apart from the basic insurance, you can opt for additional insurance for optimum risk aversion. However, additional coverage depends on the cost of the motorcycle, its model and the accessories it contains.

We Offer Countrywide Shipping

Are you looking to ship your motorcycle across a state or the entire country? Our shipping company offers countrywide shipping and door to door delivery. What's more, our auto transport spans over Hawaii and Alaska. You won’t find another motorcycle shipping company that does what we do.

You'll Have Different Options to Ship A Motorcycle

Most shipping companies don't go beyond open trailers or a pickup truck to ship a motorcycle. Open transport over a long road trip means your vehicle is exposed to various risks. With our motorcycle shipping company, you can choose from different options. We offer both, open transport and enclosed transport. Yes, you can opt for an enclosed trailer with GPS tracking. Although the cost to ship might be a little higher, your car or motorcycle will be delivered with zero damage. So, give us a try for a seamless and hassle-free shipping process.

Lower Prices than Other Motorcycle Transport Companies

Make no mistakes about it. Typical auto transport companies are quite expensive. On the other hand, if you work with customized shipping companies that offer motorcycle transport, it would be much cheaper. So, we don't only pick up your motorcycle, but we can help you ship other household goods as well - and get the job done! Take advantage of our extensive network of truckers to get the lowest price possible for your motorcycle shipment. Just fill in our online form. Our team of specialists can help you find the right price for you based on your delivery requirements.

We Handle the Entire Process

When dealing with a professional motorcycle shipping company, you expect them to do it all by themselves. You are not supposed to make unnecessary phone calls or worry about the quality of auto transport. But this seldom happens. You never have to worry about a thing when you ship your motorcycle with us. Our team will handle everything depending on which shipping method you select. We offer pickup services in larger cities and states.

We Handle the Entire Process

You never have to worry about a thing when you ship your motorcycle with us. Our team will handle everything depending on which shipping method you select. We offer pickup services in larger cities and states.


Meet Teddy – Our CEO and Founder

Teddy started Cheap Motorcycle Shipping company in Missouri in 1993 after he had a bad experience shipping a classic Harley Davidson he was working on. That bike he spent years restoring was badly scratched during the motorcycle transport, on its way to a show.

He knew he could do it better.

While he didn’t have a shipping background, he did get the love people have for their motorcycles. After some initial research about the motorcycle transport industry, he purchased a trailer and truck, shipping equipment, and started Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.

Meet the Team

It takes a great team to make a great motorcycle transport company. Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is proud to work with a reliable team of professionals.

Director of Logistics


Tony has over 20 years of experience working in the moving and auto transport industries. He joined Cheap Motorcycle Shipping in 1999 after connecting with Teddy at an auto show. His experience keeps this auto transport company organized, our processes in line with our customer’s needs, and helps us pass the savings on to you.

Director of Marketing


Steve is a savvy marketer with over 15 years of experience working in digital marketing. He has been around since the dawn of Google and the rise of other digital marketing platforms. Steve helps our company stay on task, find new clients, and maintain a strong digital presence.

Customer Service Lead


Your needs matter to us, and no one gets that better than Deborah. She loves working with people and knows how to get your problems solved. Deborah works hard to provide each of our customers with a seamless experience that they’ll love.

Lead Scheduler


Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has trucks all throughout the country. Mark previously worked as a dispatcher for a major taxi company before making the jump over to the shipping industry. He is responsible for keeping all of our shipments organized, on time, and ensuring that your motorcycle arrives in the right location.

Take advantage of our stress-free motorcycle shipping

Don’t trust other companies with your pride and joy. Cheap Motorcycle Shipping knows how to ship motorcycles and we understand why you love them because we’re enthusiasts too.

Do you have questions about our services? Get in touch with a member of our team today!