Open VS Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

Uncrated/Open Shipping

When shipping a motorcycle on an uncrated/open carrier, the bike will not be inside of a crate and will be exposed to the elements. This is an ideal way to ship a motorcycle, especially when shipping locally and short distances. The bike will be tied down with straps on the front and rear and transported safely to the destination requested. 

Crated Shipping

When you ship a motorcycle in a crate, you will possibly have the option of a wooden crate, or a metal crate. Crates are generally built around the bike and it is loaded onto a trailer or loaded inside of a sturdy container for shipping. Tie downs are also used on the bike to secure it inside the container. The motorcycle will need the fuel drained prior to shipping with crated transport.

Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

Container Shipping

Container shipping is a great choice when you need to ship across the U.S. or if you need to ship overseas. Bikes are secures inside the container with tie downs on the front and rear and each container can hold several motorcycles, ATV’s, dirt bikes or other content during transport. With container transport you will need to drain the fuel prior to transport.

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