Motorcycle Shipping Cost in USA

Whether you’ve recently bought a motorcycle and need ship motorcycle cross country services, to transport your motorcycle to a rally, or are relocating and need a motorcycle transport company to ship it to your new home, our company can help. 

However, to ship a motorcycle often presents some challenges.  For instance, you’ll need to decide between open transport, air and enclosed transport although road debris can be an issue to the safety of your bike during transit.

 In most cases, choosing the best motorcycle shipment method boils down to 2 factors – money and time.  In other words, do you have the budget to ship a motorcycle? Does your motorcycle need to arrive at your new location by a specific date (how quickly does it need to be shipped)?

Answering these questions is just the tip of the iceberg as there is much more to consider including open transport or other transport type options. Read on to see what we mean.

 Motorcycle Shipment Options

 When it comes to the motorcycle transport service you choose, you have 4 options to consider.  You can do the shipping yourself, you can hire a freight hauling company, you can hire an independent shipper, or you can hire a professional shipping company like our company. 

Each method to ship your auto method across the country has its advantages.  Depending on your particular circumstances, any of the following choices could be the ideal motorcycle transport option:

 DIY or Do-it-Yourself Motorcycle Shipping Across the Country

 The main benefit to the DIY motorcycle transport option is that it provides the most control over how and when you decide to ship your bike.  However, this method may not save you money or get you the lowest price. 

In addition to needing a trailer or truck large enough to accommodate your motorcycle, you’re going to need a clam buckles or ratchet tie-downs and a ramp.  That would charge you more money. But it will protect it from road debris.

It’s important that you have the proper equipment for DIY auto transit in order to avoid damaging your bike.  Furthermore, there’s the price of fuel, hotel or motel and meal expenses, and the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Need to Ship Your Motorcycle Across the Country? It’s Easier Than You Think
Need to Ship Your Motorcycle Across the Country? It’s Easier Than You Think

 Freight Hauling Company

 If you’re reluctant to go the DIY auto transport route and prefer pursuing other transportation services, you should consider hiring a freight hauling company that specializes in motorcycle cross country shipping, especially is timing is a priority. 

Most freight hauling companies specialize in moving shipments throughout the US and have a reputation for being on time. With well-synchronized auto moving companies using state-of -the-art gps systems and tracking systems, experineced drivers and packing and moving crew, all deliveries across the nation are on time.

 In most cases, your motorcycle will be delivered to your new address within 3 to 7 days.  The downside to hiring a freight hauling company for auto/bike transportation services is that they’ll require your bike to be crated, hence the expense involved with putting your bike in a steel or wooden crate. 

Whether you decide to build the crate yourself or have the freight hauling company do it, additional time will be required to do so.

 Independent Shipper

 Companies such as online motorcycle shipping companies, or motorcycle transport companies can be a good middle ground where an independent shipper is concerned.  Simply enter the type of bike and all pertinent information, such as where you’re located and where you want it shipped. 

These shippers will bid for your business and can be very cost-effective.  Sometimes it’s cheaper to let an independent shipper handle your motorcycle transport needs than DIY shipments.  But beware; not all of them have auto tranport or motorcycle delivery experience.

 Professional Company for Motorcycle Transportation

 Companies like Cheap Motorcycle Shipping and even some auto transport companies specialize in motorcycle transport and motorcycle shipping services.  While this may cost more than hiring an independent auto transport company or motorcycle shipping company, it does offer certain advantages. 

For example, we have all of the necessary equipment required for motorcycle across the country shipping such as ramps, ratchets, and tie-downs. 

We also know how motorcycle shipping can differ when transporting a dirt bike versus a Harley or any other type of bike. Bike enthusiasts have their own requirements and we cater to individual requirements and can transport your vehicle all over the country.

 What Factors influence Motorcycle Transport Costs?

 The cost of motorcycle shipping or motorcycle transport services depends on several factors ranging from the total mileage and pick-up/delivery locations to the size and weight of your bike. 

In order to understand these auto transport or motorcycle costs for shipment and other details, here are the factors that will influence how much you’ll pay for motorcycle cross country shipping services:

 Type of Shipping or Transport Method

 There are two categories that play a significant role in the cost to ship your motorcycle or motorcycle transport.  Whether you choose an auto transport or motorcycle shipping company, those two options are open-air transport and enclosed transport.  At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we offer the following methods of shipping motorcycles:

 Open-air Trailer

 Although motorcycle shipping costs are less expensive with the open-air transport method, your bike is exposed to the elements and other hazards.  This includes debris, flying rocks, the weather, and other hazards that may be encountered on the open road.

 Enclosed Transport

 While enclosed motorcycle shipping is more expensive than open-air motorcycle transport, it provides your bike with the most protection when shipping your motorcycle cross country.  You can usually expect to pay $150 to $200 more for this method.

 Door to Door Shipping

 D2D or door to door shipping involves picking your motorcycle up at the dealership or your home and delivering it to its new location.  However, there are certain factors that can impede this motorcycle transport method such as dead end streets, low-hanging tree limbs, narrow streets, and restrictions against large trucks.  These can make the pick-up or delivery impossible.

If this is an issue where your situation is concerned, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will need to coordinate with you for meeting in a nearby parking are or different street.  Having the additional space for maneuvering or tractor-trailer rig will enable us to load or unload your motorcycle as safely as possible.

 Crated or Uncrated

 Besides door to door shipping, another motorcycle shipment option is to ship your bike crated or uncrated.  Crated motorcycle shipping ensures that your bike will arrive at its destination with little if any damage. 

This option is usually available with motorcycle transport and auto transport companies.  Just be careful when choosing an auto transport company as many are not experienced with motorcycle shipping.

 Unfortunately, crated motorcycle transport tends to be very costly and involves you having to build the crate, buy a pre-built crate, or pay to have one custom built.  No matter which one you choose, it’s not going to be cheap. 

Whether you hire an auto transport or a motorcycle shipping company, you have to factor in the time involved in building the crate when determining how long you’ll be waiting for your bike to arrive.

 Shipping Mileage

 One of the most significant cost factors is the motorcycle shipping mileage.  The average rate is $0.30 to $0.70 per mile.  So if you are hiring motorcycle cross country transport services, you could save money if your bike is shipped along one of the more common routes.  You’ll also pay less if you have Cheap Motorcycle Shipping transport your bike within the lower 48.

 Fuel Surcharges

 Depending on the pick-up date you choose for your motorcycle shipment, this could influence the fuel surcharges you’ll have to pay.  These charges take the changes in fuel costs into consideration.  However, the auto transport company or motorcycle shipping company you choose should guarantee their price.  Additionally, these charges may or may not be included in the estimated cost of your motorcycle shipping.

 Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

 Another key factor that often influences motorcycle cross country shipping costs is the pick-up and drop-off locations you select.  As a general rule of thumb, you’ll pay less to have your motorcycle picked up near freeways and major highways in urban areas.  So if your pick-up or drop-off location is in a more rural area away from the interstate, you’ll probably have to pay an additional charge.

 Additional Considerations

 In addition to the above shipment details, two other important factors that must be considered in the total motorcycle shipping cost equation are insurance and the time frame involved in transporting your bike:


 Before you choose an auto transport or motorcycle transport company, contact your insurance company regarding what is covered in your policy should your bike get damaged during shipping.  Freight hauling companies, independent shippers, and professional motorcycle shipping companies will usually provide insurance coverage for your bike.  If you go this route, be sure you find out the types of motorcycle shipping damage they cover, coverage limits, and whether accessories are also covered.

 Is Your Motorcycle exceptionally heavy or Over-sized?

 A significant percentage of motorcycle cross country transport costs is the style and type of bike that you’re shipping, especially where size and weight are concerned.  A larger, heavier motorcycle will take up more space than a standard sized bike on a motorcycle transport and, therefore, will be more expensive to ship.  Most shipping rates are based on standard sized motorcycles.  So if your bike is heavier, larger, longer, or taller than a standard motorcycle, or has a sidecar, you should expect to pay more.

 Time Frame for Deliveries

If you want your bike to arrive at your new location on a specific date or as soon as possible, you may want to consider DIY motorcycle shipping or hiring a freight hauling company that has a reputation for on-time deliveries.  Be sure to specify this in the shipment details. 

Just keep in mind that most auto transport companies and motorcycle transport companies will require that your bike be shipped in a crate.  This will add to your motorcycle shipping costs.  On the other hand, if timing is not an issue, you’ll have more options where your motorcycle shipment is concerned.

 Helpful Tips for Shipping Your Motorcycle

 Regardless of the motorcycle shipping or motorcycle transport method you choose, we recommends the following helpful tips and precautions to ensure that your bike arrives at its destination in the best condition possible:

 Strip down Your Bike

 This is the first step to consider when hiring an auto transport or motorcycle transport service to ship your bike.  Remove all detachable equipment and parts as well as any loose items.  Then pack them securely and separately for safer transport.  Any breakable component or piece of equipment should be removed and wrapped to protect it against potholes and other bumps in the road. You need to see if there is supplemental insurance coverage, before the motorcycle transporters are handed over your vehicle.

 Drain all Fluids

 When you decide to ship motorcycles or transport motorcycles, every auto transport company or motorcycle carriers will tell you to drain all the fluids out of your bike when preparing it for transport.  For example, loading it onto an auto transport or motorcycle transport trailer with a full gas tank poses a significant safety hazard.  So make sure your gas tank is 1/4 full when you hand it over to motorcycle transporters. Oftentimes, the motorcycle enthusiasts forget to do that before the motorcycle shipped.

 Reduce the Tire Pressure

 Shipping a motorcycle with fully inflated tires is never a smart decision.  If the tires are slightly deflated, it’s easier for your motorcycle to absorb the bumps and impacts on the road while in transit.  Deflate the tires just enough to soften them.  Releasing too much air could lead to damage in transit.

 Take Photos of Your Bike

 Before preparing your bike for the auto transport/auto shipping or motorcycle transport company you hired, take several photos of your bike from different angles (front, back, and sides).  Be sure you write down everything you’ve done and have the motorcycle transport driver sign off. 

If you hire Cheap Motorcycle Shipping to handle your auto shipping or motorcycle cross country shipping needs, we have the proper forms for you to sign where any pre-shipment details concerned.

 Make a Motorcycle Shippers Checklist

 It is important that before shipping a motorcycle, you need to know the cost to ship. Most of the motorcycles are taken care of by auto shipping services that understand the intricacies at play.

Ironically, many motorcycle owners neglect this step when preparing their bikes for motorcycle shipments. We strongly recommend that you make a detailed account of the measures taken to secure your bike for shipping. 

List everything that was mentioned prior to being motorcycle transport ready.  This is the time to make notes about any existing dents and scratches on your motorcycle.

 Choosing the right Auto Transport or Motorcycle Transport Service to ship a Motorcycle Cross-Country

 When it comes time to ship a motorcycle on an open-air trailer or in an enclosed transport, it’s imperative that you choose the best motorcycle shipping company that has excellent truck drivers for your specific needs. What company can you trust? What company is the most reliable?  And so on. 

Here are 8 questions that the Cheap Motorcycle Shipping specialists suggest asking when shopping for auto transport or motorcycle transport companies, when you are looking to ship your motorcycle:

 Can you get GPS tracking on your motorcycle during the shipping process?

The best motorcycle shipping companies enable you to monitor the progress of all shipment details whether it is in an enclosed trailer or is going by a fully enclosed carrier. It is good to ask the service provider or motorcycle delivery company about insurance claim, or additional insurance that may be needed.

 Do they have holding facilities or warehouses?

This can make things considerably easier when it comes to pick-upor drop-off.  It might save you money when you want to ship a motorcycle cross-country.

 Do they have positive customer feedback and reviews?

There are several online sources that can be found by doing a Google search.  It’s important to find out what their customers have to say about their moving truck and the service they received across the country.

  Do they specialize in motorcycle transport?

You want to ensure that you can trust the company’s truck driver that is handling your motorcycle cross country terminal to terminal deliveries, not some general carrier for all motorcycle delivered.

 What does their claims history look like? 

Never be afraid to inquire about a company’s claims history or extra fees to get the best deal.  

What does their motorcycle transport process entail?

It’s a good idea to find out if their shipping process involves safeguarding your bike at affordable price.

What insurance options do they offer?

Does the affordable price quote you received include coverage for motorcycle shipping prices? Can you purchase this coverage through the auto transport or ship your motorcycles service you want to hire or should you purchase your own insurance coverage? Is additional coverage needed? If yes, is there an online form?

 What most motorcycle shipping companies or ship your motorcycle options do they offer?

You’ll need to decide between open-air transport, door to door service, and enclosed transport when trying to choose the best motorcycle shipping company. Make sure there is no hidden fees.

 To learn more about the cost to ship a motorcycle and our motorcycle across the country shipping services, call Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today at (888) 230-9776.