Shipping Discounts for Motorcycle Dealers

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping specializes in enclosed and open trailer shipping for dealers who need to ship a customer’s bike locally, long-distance, or internationally.  No matter where you need to ship a motorcycle, we’ll ensure that it is safe and secure while in transit so there is no damage and no worries about it arriving in pristine condition.  It is protected throughout its journey to its new location with covers and soft tie downs so the bike’s paint does not get chipped, scratched, or damaged in any way. We know that you are worried about your motorcycle and you can be sure that we’ll take care of it completely.

What shipping methods are available to motorcycle dealers?

Many shippers offer motorcycle dealers a number of ways to ship the bikes they’ve sold to the buyer, including laying the bike on a pallet and strapping it down.  We don’t do this as it can damage the paint and the mechanics of the bike.  Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers crated, enclosed, and open-air transport when shipping bikes from the dealer to the buyer, broken down as follows:

  • Crated transport – the motorcycle is secured to a pallet inside of a wooden crate and loaded onto trailer. Although this is a popular method because of the protection it offers, it does require additional preparation.  The battery will need to be disconnected, fluids will need to be drained, and in some cases, the handlebars and mirrors may need to be removed as well.
  • Enclosed transport – as the name implies, the bike is shipped inside an enclosed container or trailer to its permanent destination. This is the safest and most secure way for dealers to ship a motorcycle to the buyer.  Additionally, this option protects the motorcycle from environmental elements and road hazards.
  • Open transport – this option is ideal for the buyer who isn’t concerned about the bike being exposed to road conditions and the weather. In most cases the motorcycle is secured to a flatbed truck or low trailer.  This shipping method is popular among those individuals who want a more cost-effective means of getting their bike delivered to them.

For dealers who want to increase sales and profits, providing better shipping services will make it easier to deliver to your buyers and keep them satisfied.  When it comes to shipping motorcycles affordably, quickly, and safely, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping the transport services that dealers can benefit from.  We also offer shipping discounts for motorcycle dealers, who hire us for shipping multiple vehicles to the same destination. This is a mutually beneficial professional partnership.

How do dealers benefit from using our shipping services?

We provide motorcycle shipping services for hundreds of bike buyers and dozens of motorcycle dealers every year.  We can save you money and time when shipping all types and styles of bikes, including everything from ATV’s to trikes.  As a dealer, you receive shipping discounts for motorcycle dealers and the following benefits when you book shipments with us:

  • access to a network of motorcycle shipping terminals
  • custom dealer programs and special industry rates
  • dedicated account representatives that handle all documentation and paperwork
  • deliver motorcycles anywhere in the US or internationally
  • FREE valuation coverage and online tracking of shipments

In addition to the above, you can refer your buyers to us in one of three different ways:

  • Educate your sales team to inform buyers that Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will deliver directly to them
  • Inform your buyers about our motorcycle shipping services
  • Place our link on your dealer website for your buyers

As your motorcycle shipping partner, we will work directly with you when handling the details of the transport process. And as we value your partnership, we offer shipping discounts for our motorcycle dealers. To know the details, please contact our business representatives.

Why should dealers use our motorcycle shipping services?

There are a number of reasons why so many motorcycle dealers have chosen our services when customers have purchased a new bike and want it delivered to their home.  The common element between dealers and our company is that we both have the same goal – delivering the bike safely and securely to the customer so it arrives in the same condition as when they saw it on your dealership showroom’s floor.  As stated above, we offer different shipping options to fit the needs of the dealer and their buyers. Call us to know more about it.

As your shipping partner, we work with every client on an individual basis in order to provide more personalized service.  For more information about our dealer shipping programs, that includes shipping discounts for our motorcycle dealers, contact one of our company representatives for a quote at (888) 230-9776 or visit our website today.