Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

“How much to ship a motorcycle across the country?” is a question we frequently answer here at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  Whether you’re moving from one coast to the other or touring cross-country on a seasonal adventure, we’re willing to bet you want your motorcycle with you.  That is why you deserve the affordable, high-quality, and reliable motorcycle transport services that we offer.  No matter what your reason for contacting us, we can provide a FREE, no-obligation estimate in a matter of minutes.  We are the industry leader when it comes to fast, reliable, and safe motorcycle shipping.

Why do motorcyclists ship their bikes cross-country?

As a leader in the motorcycle transport industry, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping can accommodate a broad range of transport requests.  We understand that no two clients are alike and neither are their shipping and delivery needs.  Thus, it’s not that unusual that some individuals fail to see the value in having their motorcycles shipped rather than riding them cross-country.  In reality, there are a number of reasons to have your bike shipped such as:

  • avoiding discomfort and fatigue
  • avoiding the wear and tear
  • having too many belongings to take with you
  • not having to deal with bad weather conditions
  • not putting on the additional mileage
  • using another vehicle as your primary means of transportation

Regardless of the reason for shipping your motorcycle, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is committed to making the transport process as affordable and easy as possible.  We pride ourselves on finding the right motorcycle transport option for every customer while being thorough and professional throughout the process. When it is about cost, there are a few variants, but on an average, for every 1000 miles, it will cost you anywhere from $400 to $600. If it is for a shorter distance, it will be about $200- $300, depending upon the weight and size of the motorcycle.

It’s no secret that the most common question we answer is “How much to ship a motorcycle across-country?”

Many individuals are apprehensive about the cost of shipping their bikes cross-country. However, the reality is that it isn’t as expensive as you might think.  We have long been recognized for offering some of the most competitive shipping rates in the transport industry.  Consequently, we have served customers on a global scale.  The cost to ship a motorcycle will vary based on a number of factors including:

  • age and condition of the bike
  • make and model of the bike
  • size and weight of the bike
  • time of year
  • total shipping distance
  • type of transport method selected

Some additional factors that could influence the shipping cost include add-on services, fuel costs, specialty handling of luxury or vintage motorcycles, and so on. We ensure that when you entrust your motorcycle to us, we take care of it as our own.

How much to ship a motorcycle across-country when choosing a specific transport method?

In order to provide customers a choice of transport options possible, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping employs several different methods for transporting a bike cross-country.  These include container or crated transport, metal pallet transport, open-air or uncrated transport, and wood pallet transport.  Here is a breakdown of these options and the average cost of each:

Container or crated transport – your motorcycle is shipped in a heavy-duty metal container that has been specifically developed for transporting bikes.  The customer is responsible for getting their motorcycle to the shipping terminal and picking it up at the destination terminal.  Average cost – $550 to $800

Metal pallet transport – the shipper secures your motorcycle to a heavy-duty metal pallet using soft tiedown straps.  Pick-up and delivery locations must be accessible for tractor/trailer combos.  Average cost – $550 to $750

Open-air or uncrated transport – often referred to as “roll-on/roll-off” shipping, this is the most cost-effective transport option.  However, it is the least protective as your bike will be exposed to the elements and road conditions.  Average cost – up to $625 on coast-to-coast transport

Wood pallet transport – with this option, soft tiedown straps are used to secure your motorcycle to a wooden pallet before loading it on the transport carrier.  In some areas, there may be fees added for remote pick-up and delivery locations.  Average cost – up to $875 for 2,400 to 3,499 miles

We continually strive to facilitate the transport needs of many different motorcyclists by providing different shipping options at competitive rates.  We understand that trusting complete strangers to handle your motorcycle isn’t easy.  At our company, we only hire the best professionals in the industry, and each of the them is licensed, insured and bonded.

As you can see, the shipping rates above are relatively inexpensive when compared to our competitors.  To learn more about the cost of shipping a motorcycle cross-country or to schedule a FREE rate quote, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping at your earliest convenience. Call us now.