Ride or ship? Advantages and disadvantages of both

One of the more common questions that we answer here at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping what are the advantages and disadvantages or riding or shipping their bikes to their new location? Every motorcyclist enjoys the excitement of taking to the open road.  But are there times when shipping it makes more sense than riding it, such as when you’re moving to a new home? While this is a valid concern, we can help you consider both sides of the equation.

What are the Pros and Cons of riding your bike to your new home?

If the distance to your new home is a day’s ride or less, riding your bike is probably the better option, depending on certain factors.  Any motorcyclist will tell you that you can’t beat the fuel economy of riding a bike versus traveling in another type of vehicle.  Plus, when highway traffic comes to a standstill, there’s no creeping along slowly behind the vehicle in front of you.  Most importantly, parking shouldn’t be a problem when you stop somewhere along the way for a meal.

Conversely, there are two disadvantages to contend with.  First and foremost is your personal safety.  Despite the advantages listed in the prior paragraph, motorcyclists are at a greater risk of injury due to the lack of protection and safety equipment such as airbags and seat belts.  Second, you could get injured in an accident caused by an inattentive driver.  Finally, you won’t be able to carry much on your bike due to a lack of storage for any belongings that are moving with you.

Why should you consider shipping your motorcycle to your new location?

One of the times that having your motorcycle transported to your new home by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping makes more sense is if it’s a long-distance move.  First of all, you have to be concerned about your family’s safety.  Second, let’s face it.  Traveling on a bike over a long-distance may get tiring and uncomfortable after a while.  Here are 3 reasons to ship your bike to your new home rather than riding it:

  • Motorcycle shipping services are safer for you and your bike. You won’t have to worry about getting injured in an accident and your bike will be shipped in a container to protect it from damage.
  • One of the primary benefits of letting a professional motorcycle transport company ship your bike is that it will reach your new location faster than if you contract the job out to a standard shipping company.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing your motorcycle will be transported to your new home safely and securely by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping. Plus, it’s insured against damage or loss.

Whether you’re moving your motorcycle to another town or state, we’ll ensure that it arrives at your new destination in the same condition as when it was loaded on one of our transport trailers. We have moved all types of motorcycles- vintage, antique, superbikes and more all over the country and internationally. Our crew is experienced and passionate about bikes, just like you so they understand your concerns. We shoulder the responsibility of its safety and will deliver it to you on time.

Is there another option for transporting your bike to your new home?

In addition to either riding your back or having it shipped to your new location, there is a third option to consider – hauling it yourself.  As with the other two options, there are certain factors to consider if you plan to haul it yourself such as:

  • equipment needed to haul it
  • insurance coverage while being transported
  • road conditions
  • safety of the bike during transport
  • traffic conditions in heavily populated areas
  • weather

Basically, the choice between hauling, riding, or shipping your motorcycle comes to answering the question “What will be the best value for the money?” And you know that the hassles associated to do it all on your own. Is it worth your time and effort?

How much will it cost to ship your motorcycle?

The cost to ship your motorcycle will be influenced by several factors such as distance, size and weight of the bike, type of transport method (enclosed or open trailer), and the time of year that it’s being shipped.  The average cost of shipping a motorcycle is roughly $500.  However, your price may be different.  Here are some additional factors and costs to consider when shipping your bike:

  • $200 to $300 for local or shorter distances
  • $400 to $600 for longer distances of 1,000 miles or more
  • $1,000 to $2,000 for international shipping

For additional information about shipping your motorcycle, call Cheap Motorcycle Shipping at (888) 230-9776 or visit our website today.