Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is a professional motorcycle shipping company that offers a wide range of vehicle transport services.  Since 1993, we’ve specialized in nationwide motorcycle shipping and international transport as well. 

Whether you’ve recently bought a motorcycle and need it shipped to your home from the dealership or manufacturer, need it transported to a bike rally, or are relocating, we’ve got you covered. 

With annual sales of motorcycles now exceeding half a million per year, we understand there is a great need for shipping services. 

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping specializes in shipping of motorcycles. If shipping a car, we can help using our trusted partner

You can rely on Us

For nearly three decades, bike owners have relied on the our team of experienced motorcycle transport specialists to provide the highest level of motorcycle shipping service possible. 

By placing our experienced personnel in every facet of our daily motorcycle carriers/shipping operations, we can offer clients an positive shipping experience.  From the time you call for a motorcycle shipping quote to the time we deliver your bike to your location, we’ll be there to help.

 As your motorcycle shippers team, we are committed to making the relocation of your bike as cost-effective as possible while ensuring that it is safe and secure during transit.  Our goal is to build trust and long-term relationships with the motorcycle owners we cater to. 

Our #1 priority is to build trust and exceed your expectations by maintaining outstanding communication throughout the motorcycle transport process so that all of your stress and worries are alleviated.

Our crew is experienced, understands safety protocols and ensures that each motorcycle that we ship is properly packed or tied as per the shipping method for safe on-time deliveries.

What Are The Best Ways To Transport A Motorcycle?

 DIY Motorcycle Shipping vs. Professional Nationwide Motorcycle Shipping

 Although you have several choices where motorcycle shipping services are concerned, most bike owners usually try to decide between DIY motorcycle transport or choosing a professional motorcycle shipping company like Cheap Motorcycle Shipping. 

While either choice has its advantages and disadvantages, the benefits of hiring professional motorcycle shippers far outweigh the DIY motorcycle transport method.  Depending on your specific circumstances, either option could be the right choice.  Here’s why:

 DIY motorcycle transport

One of the more significant reasons that bikers choose the DIY motorcycle transport method is because it gives them complete control over how their bike will be shipped and when it will be delivered to their new location. 

However, many bike owners choose the DIY motorcycle transport method because they think it’s a more economical motorcycle shipping method.

 Now for the disadvantages of DIY motorcycle transport.  Interestingly enough, this method isn’t always the most cost-effective option.  First, you’re going to need a truck or trailer that can accommodate your bike (unless you already have one). 

You’re also going to need a ramp and ratchet straps or tie-downs.  Keep in mind that having the appropriate equipment ensures that your bike won’t get damaged while in transit.  Furthermore, you have to consider the cost of fuel, hotels, and meals while on the road.

Professional Nationwide Motorcycle Shipping

Granted, hiring a professional motorcycle shipping company will cost more than the DIY motorcycle transport method.  However, riding your motorcycle long distances when relocating results in a lot of unwanted wear and tear. 

This is one of the primary reasons that hiring professional motorcycle shipping services a better option than the DIY motorcycle transport method.

 However, there are other advantages that make hiring professional motorcycle shippers your best option when shipping your bike to its new location including:

 ·       Having all of the proper equipment including ramps, ratchet straps, tie-downs, etc.

 ·       Specializing in motorcycle shipping ONLY – whether it’s an ATV, dirt bike, large touring bike like a Harley Davidson, or a trike, we know motorcycles

 ·       Most importantly, we have nearly 30 years of industry experience – when you choose Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, you can be assured that you’re dealing with professionals who have the experience to help you navigate the shipping process

 The only real drawback to hiring a professional motorcycle shipping company for your nationwide motorcycle shipping needs is that it will cost more than the DIY motorcycle transport method.  However, it will still be more cost-effective than hiring a freight company or independent hauler. 

While you might be giving up the control that you’d have with the DIY motorcycle transport method, a high-quality, professional motorcycle transport service will provide a safe, stress-free experience and peace of mind.

 Our Shipping Services

If you’ve already experienced hiring a professional motorcycle transport company in the past, you know what a challenging and stressful task it can be, especially if you hired the wrong shipping company to begin with. 

Hiring Cheap Motorcycle Shipping for your nationwide motorcycle transport needs is your best option when it comes to your motorcycle shipping needs and requirements.  We offer 3 shipping service options:

 Container motorcycle transport

This is a great option when you need to ship your motorcycle cross-country or internationally.  Our team of experienced motorcycle shippers will ensure that your bike is safe and secure during transit by using tie-downs on the front and rear of the vehicle.

 Crated motorcycle shipping

When shipping your motorcycle in a crate, you may have the option of metal or wood.  In most situations, the crate will be built around your motorcycle and then loaded into a sturdy motorcycle shipping container or onto a trailer.  Tie-downs will also be used to ensure the bike is secure in transit.

 Open-air or uncrated motorcycle shipping

When shipping your bike uncrated on an open-air trailer, your bike will be exposed to the elements such as road debris and the weather.  If you’re shipping your bike locally or a short distance to another area, this is a good choice. 

However, nationwide motorcycle transport, container or crated motorcycle shipping methods are preferred for long-distance transport.

Remember, when it comes to reliable, safe, and secure motorcycle shipping, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is the best motorcycle shipping company to hire for meeting your specific motorcycle transport needs and requirements.

 Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping vs. Open-air Motorcycle Transport

Enclosed Motorcycle Transport: The Best Way to Transport Your Bike

If you’re planning on shipping your bike to its new location, you’re going to be faced with several decisions besides choosing the best motorcycle shipping company including: 

·       basic liability coverage or maximum protection

·       pick-up and drop-off locations

·       standard or expedited motorcycle shipping

 However, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is the way in which you want your bike to be shipped.  In other words, would you prefer the safest and most secure method (enclosed motorcycle transport) or the most cost-effective (open-air motorcycle shipping)? Here is a comparison of the two methods:

 Enclosed motorcycle transport

Shipping your bike in an enclosed transport trailer makes good sense when you’re shipping it cross-country and need nationwide motorcycle shipping services. 

Since your bike will be on the road for several days, the motorcycle transport driver will be making overnight stops and parking in public areas along the way. 

If you own a high-value, luxury, or vintage motorcycle, your bike will be safer and more secure in an enclosed transport trailer.

 Open-air motorcycle shipping

Your bike is  strapped onto an open-air motorcycle transport trailer when loaded at your pick-up location city.  Although this is the most cost-effective motorcycle shipping method, your bike will be exposed to dirt, road grime, and other hazards of the open road including hail, heavy rains, sleet, and snow. 

This also puts your motorcycle at risk of external threats such as theft.  However, for shorter distances and motorcycle shipping that can be completed in a single day, open-air motorcycle shipping might be the ideal choice.

 It’s important to educate yourself on the different shipping methods and options offered by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping so that you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision where your nationwide motorcycle transport needs are concerned.

Cheapest Cross Country Motorcycle Shipping
Cheapest Cross Country Motorcycle Shipping

 Preparing Your Motorcycle for Shipping

Regardless of the motorcycle shipping you choose, the following precautions and tips will help you prepare your bike for the shipping process and ensure that it will arrive at its new location in the best condition possible:

 Drain all of the fluids

The last thing you want to do is have a full tank of gas when your bike is getting loaded at your pick-up location city.  Be sure the tank is no more than 1/4 full.  Consider draining the coolant and engine oil as well.

 Reduce tire pressure

It’s easier for your bike to absorb any impacts while in transit by slightly deflating your bike’s tires.  Just be careful not to release too much air as this will make your bike more susceptible to damage.

 Remove all accessories and loose items

All accessories, and loose, non-essential items should be removed to prevent them from getting damaged during the motorcycle shipment.  They should be wrapped and packed separately.

 Take several photos of your bike

Before preparing your motorcycle for transport, you should take several photos of it from different angles so you and the motorcycle transport company are aware of any dents, scratches, or other damage prior to loading it up for shipping.

 Wrap the battery cables

Having the battery cables wrapped protects against any accidental contact from occurring and causing sparks.

 Following these simple motorcycle shipping preparation tips will not only ensure that your bike will travel better while in transit, it will also ensure that it will be protected from any damage occurring.

 The Benefits of Hiring Cheap Motorcycle Shipping

 Whether you’re having a motorcycle that you recently purchased delivered from the dealership, having it shipped to an upcoming bike rally, or relocating to another city and state, hiring Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will provide the following 5 benefits:

 Motorcycle transport companies are cost-effective

Riding your motorcycle home from the dealership, to a rally, or to your new home will put a lot of wear and tear on it.  The last thing you want on a long-distance ride is an expensive breakdown. 

Additionally, fuel will cost a lot more on a long-distance relocation than if you were just going for a day ride.  Consequently, having your bike transported by professional motorcycle shippers is more cost-effective since it won’t be moving.

 Motorcycle transport companies are more convenient

The convenience provided by professional motorcycle shipping companies is unparalleled.  Booking can be done immediately online once you’ve been given a motorcycle shipping quote with the final price after the final inspection of your bike. 

At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, it’s all about making things as convenient as possible for the client.

 Professional motorcycle shippers are quicker

As with other reputable motorcycle shipping companies, our shipping coordinator will specify the date and time that you can expect your motorcycle shipment to arrive at its new location. 

Naturally, the timeline established by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will depend upon the shipping distance and any other unexpected circumstances.

 Professional motorcycle shipping is stress-free

Riding your bike cross-country or other long distance may seem enjoyable initially, but eventually you’ll probably get frustrated and tired along the way.  Thus, you can always opt for open transport with GPS tracking of your bike. Shipping a motorcycle is easy as it offers maximum protection with additional coverage.

We offer fully enclosed trucks where your motorcycle safe from road debris. It is tied with soft straps for less movement in fully enclosed carrier. Most motorcycle enthusiasts opt for affordable motorcycle transporters to save money on shipping cost. With a multitude of insurance options while shipping a motorcycle, you can choose a pickup location city and delivery date.

Furthermore, if you have any mechanical issues, you’ll be searching for a mechanic in an area you’re unfamiliar with.  Professional ship a motorcycle companies alleviate this issue and other problems so you have a stress-free shipping experience.

 Professional motorcycle shipping minimizes risk

The best motorcycle shipping company will handle your bike with the utmost care.  From the pick-up location to the drop-off location, your motorcycle will ride securely while in transit , thereby eliminating the risk of any major damage.  You can know about the motorcycle shipping costs in advance, so call us.

Any damage that is suffered will be covered by most reputable auto transport companies. 

Furthermore, as the motorcycle owner, you can purchase additional insurance coverage to cushion that of the shipping company.

 For more information about our nationwide motorcycle shipping companies or to learn why we are the industry’s best motorcycle shipping company, call Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today at (888) 230-9776. Whether you want a motorcycle shipping quote or need information about auto shipping services, allow our auto transport company to help you. Call within our normal business hours to talk with a live representative about potential delivery date and affordable price on your auto transport.