International Motorcycle Shipping Services to Australia​

As the world’s 6th largest country, Australia has much to offer the visitor.  It is the home to some fascinating lifestyles; mystical and unique natural wonders; and some of the world’s most pristine, stunning beaches.  For the adventure enthusiast, it is paradise, especially when traveling through the big cities and wilderness areas of this country on two wheels.  If you’re planning on touring this magnificent land on your bike, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping can help when shipping a motorcycle to Australia.

How much will it cost to ship a motorcycle to Australia?

Before shipping your bike “down unda”, you must first get the approval of the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport to import it.  Furthermore, your bike must meet certain criteria before you can be issued a permit to ship it there.  You’ll need to factor in a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) when calculating the shipping costs.  Although container shipping is by far the safest and most secure transport option when transporting your bike to Australia, additional import duties and taxes will be levied.

The average cost when shipping a motorcycle to Australia with Cheap Motorcycle Shipping from the U.S ranges from $1,450 on the low to $2,150 on the high end.  However, there are other factors that will come into play where the shipping rate is concerned including:

  • age and condition of the bike
  • Australia’s import duties and GST
  • make and model of the bike
  • pick-up and delivery location
  • size, type, and weight of the bike
  • time of year

In addition to the above, if this is the first time you’ve shipped your bike to Australia, you’ll need to visit the Department of Road Transport (it’s located in Canberra) and get an import permit.  Otherwise, your motorcycle will be stuck in customs (Australian Customs Authority or ACA) until you have the permit.  Additionally, you’ll be charged for storage of your motorcycle while waiting for the paperwork to clear.  As your transport specialists, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping can assist you with all legal documents.

How does shipping a motorcycle internationally differ from shipping it domestically?

Shipping a motorcycle to Australia is a bit more complex than shipping it within the continental US.  The key difference is an additional step involved in the process, namely crossing the Pacific on a ship.  There are normally 3 steps involved when shipping a motorcycle overseas including:

  • transporting it from its origination point to a shipping port
  • shipping it to the destination port
  • transporting it from the destination port to your specified location or nearby

Despite the fact that shipping a motorcycle is cheaper than shipping a car, SUV, truck, or van internationally, the extra steps involved will lengthen the process and add to the cost.  Furthermore, if the current location of the bike and the destination point are not close to a shipping port, the need for ground transport will add to the transport costs. This in turn affects the cost of shipping the motorcycles.

What other considerations should you be aware of?

When shipping a motorcycle to Australia, the choice of company can have a serious impact on the costs involved, how safe and secure your bike will be in transport, and your overall transport experience.  That’s why it is so important to research several transport companies before making your final decision.  Although different companies may offer some unique transport options, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping recommends crated transport when shipping a motorcycle overseas. This gives a layer of extra protection to your motorcycle, helping us deliver it securely.

Another consideration is the preparation of the motorcycle for shipping.  As the client, you’re responsible for ensuring that your motorcycle is prepared for the trip.  Having the motorcycle prepared for shipping will not only keep it safe and prevent it from getting damaged while in transit, it will ensure that the people caring for it will avoid injury.  You should complete these steps before shipping a motorcycle to Australia:

  • Disable the alarm system (if one has been installed)
  • Disconnect the battery
  • If required, remove all accessories, the handlebars, and any other protruding parts
  • If time permits, have a mechanic address all mechanical issues
  • Take photos of the bike from different angles so you have documented its condition
  • Wash the bike and the wheels thoroughly to remove all dirt and road grime
  • With the exception of the fuel tank, drain all the fluids. Leave the fuel tank 1/4 full

It is important to understand that shipping motorcycles internationally is a complex process and requires expertise. And with years of experience in this industry, we have helped innumerable people get their motorcycle shipped globally with seamless ease. To learn more about shipping a motorcycle to Australia, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping at your earliest convenience.