How to Import a Motorcycle From Canada

How to Import a Motorcycle From Canada

Importing a vehicle from Canada to the US takes a lot of paperwork and planning, as it’s crucial to comply with every regulation and rule in the US. Fortunately, importing from Canada should not be so complicated, since the two countries have similar standards and requirements, but you need to make sure the vehicle you are importing is, indeed, eligible for import.

With that in mind, here’s how to import a motorcycle from Canada.

Types of Vehicle Import

Permanently importing a motorcycle is more regulated. The first condition to import a motorcycle in the US is to be a US citizen, a US company, or to legally work and reside in the US. If you only want to use the motorcycle during your temporary stay in the US, it doesn’t have to comply with the regulations, but it has to leave the country after 1 year.

There are many specific requirements for importing a bike, and you will have to check government and state official laws to make sure everything is in order. If the vehicle doesn’t meet all the requirements it needs when you import it, it could be destroyed on the spot, exported, or blocked at customs.

The safest and simplest way to deal with the import paperwork when importing a motorcycle from Canada to the US is to hire an import broker with experience bringing vehicles across the border. Make sure you are in touch with the seller and they provide all the necessary information you ask for.

Shipping a Motorcycle from Canada to the US

Part of knowing how to import a motorcycle from Canada is to deal effectively with the shipment. Work with an experienced, professional company that is covered by insurance, has good reviews, and regularly deals with imported vehicles.

Depending on the type of motorcycle you bring from Canada to the US, and how well you want to protect it from the elements during transportation, you can choose from various types of shipping.

  • Open shipping is the most affordable type of transportation, and it’s fit for motorcycles that don’t necessarily need extra care, like a classic bike would, for example.
  • Crated shipping (in a wooden or metal crate) is suitable if you want your bike to be protected from the elements, curious eyes, dust and debris from the road, etc.
  • Container shipping works well when you need to import multiple vehicles into the US, or when you want to reduce the cost by sharing shipping costs with other customers.

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