For the avid motorcyclist, the ultimate ride is cruising coast-to-coast on their bike. But what if you live in the US mainland and want to ride your motorcycle on Hawaii, Maui, or any of the other Hawaiian Islands that have roads suitable for bikes like here on the mainland. And that is why you need to look for motorcycle shippers.

Leading motorcycle shippers

Well, when you’re ready for that experience, as one of the leading motorcycle shippers , Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is one of the top-rated motorcycle transport companies in the country. When it comes to shipping a motorcycle to Hawaii and any of the islands, you can rely on us for affordable cost .  Since establishing our company nearly 30 years ago, we’ve remained focused on the goal of being the best motorcycle shippers in the US.  No matter what model it is, from California- Honolulu or other islands, we’ve got you covered.

Hawaii Motorcycle Transport

Up until recently, the process of shipping motorcycles to Honolulu, Hawaii was a complicated task.  In fact, shipping an entire household to the islands was easier than trying to ship a motorcycle to Honolulu, Hawaii.  First, you had to choose a Hawaii motorcycle shipping company to transport your bike to a San Diego port shipping facility. Next, you need to find Hawaii motorcycle transport companies that would secure your bike in a crate, load it into a shipping container, and transport it to the Honolulu destination port.

 Affordable prices

As your motorcycle transport specialists, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will alleviate the stress and worry of shipping your bike to the islands from the mainland.  Whether you need it shipped from California to Hawaii or to a specific city such as Honolulu on the island of Oahu, you can be assured that your bike shipment will be in the best hands.  With our door-to-port service, you can ship your motorcycle from anywhere on the US mainland to the islands at affordable rates.

 What Types of Motorcycles do We ship to Hawaii?

It’s safe to say that we’ll ship just about any type of motorcycle from the mainland to Honolulu, Hawaii and vice versa.  This includes: ·       adventure bikes ·       cruisers ·       custom motorcycles ·       off-road bikes ·       sports bikes ·       sports touring motorcycles ·       touring bikes Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will also ship ATV’s, bikes with sidecars, and trikes. It is our business to ensure that your motorcycle has dispatch schedule done professionally.

Door-to-Door / Door-to-Port Motorcycle Shipping

While door-to-door and door-to-port shipping aren’t the most economical options where Hawaii motorcycle transport is concerned, it is the most convenient, stress-free shipping method for getting your bike to Honolulu, Hawaii from the mainland.  With this method, the Cheap Motorcycle Shipping specialist will pick up your motorcycle home and deliver it to a California port where it will be secured inside of a shipping container bound for Honolulu, Hawaii.  This is the safest and most secure Hawaii motorcycle transport option available to the islands.

 Enclosed vs. Open-Air Transport

Whether you’re shipping your bike from Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Oakland, or any other city on the mainland to one of the islands such as Hawaii, Maui, or Oahu, you have a choice of two transport methods – enclosed or open-air transport.  In addition to all of the other choices and decisions you have to contend with on your vehicles, this is probably one of the most important where Hawaii motorcycle shipping is concerned.  Here is a breakdown:

 Enclosed motorcycle transport

This shipping method offers the most peace of mind for the investment and ensures that your bike will arrive at its new location without being damaged, scratched, or stolen while in transit.  At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, enclosed motorcycle transport also makes more sense for long-distance travel such as a shipment to Honolulu, Hawaii.

 Open-air Transport

Although this shipping method is less expensive than enclosed Hawaii motorcycle shipping, it exposes your bike dirt and road grime as well as the weather.  Depending on the time of year and your location, this means your motorcycle could be exposed to hail, rain, or snow.  Open-air Hawaii transport also means that your bike could be potentially susceptible to theft. Obviously, the added protection that enclosed motorcycle shipment provides will add to the cost of your shipment.  However, this shipping option is the main preference of owners of high-end valued motorcycles such as luxury or vintage bikes.

Factors that influence the Cost of Motorcycle Shipping to Hawaii

Generally speaking, the cost of port-to-port shipping ranges between $800 and $1.200 depending on certain factors that can influence the cost.  For example, roll-on/roll-off shipping is less expensive than transporting it in a shipping container.  However, in either case, this provides your motorcycle the maximum protection while it’s in transit to the destination port.  Most motorcycles are well-suited for roll-on/roll-off shipping. However, if you want your bike crated, this will cost more.  Furthermore, the cost of Hawaii motorcycle shippers services will often vary depending on the carrier you’ve selected and cost-influencing factors such as: ·       door-to-door / door-to-port transport ·       enclosed or open-air transport ·       expedited or express shipment ·       maximum protection insurance coverage ·       motorcycle make and model ·       shipping your motorcycle with your car or other type of vehicle For more information regarding calculating the cost of Hawaii motorcycle shipment, visit our website, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping and fill out the form to get a FREE quote.

How to prepare your Motorcycle for shipping to Hawaii

Once you’ve determined the Hawaii motorcycle shipping method that best suits your needs and you’ve approved the Cheap Motorcycle Shipping price quote, there are 6 steps you need to take when preparing your bike for transport including: ·       Be sure to consider purchasing additional insurance coverage to further protect your bike against damage and theft while in transit. ·       Check the battery, fluids, and tire pressure (NOTE:  If transporting your motorcycle using the roll-on/roll-off method, the gas tank should be no more than 1/4 full). ·       Clean all heavy dirt off your motorcycle and ensure that the tires and wheels have no soil deposits when you’ve finished. ·       Inspect your bike for dents, scratches, and any other signs of damage; make notes regarding these issues and provide the shipper with a copy. ·       Remove all accessories and loose items; be sure to disengage the alarm. ·       Take photos of your bike from several different angles when it is picked up at your location by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping or when you take it to the drop-off location. Following the above preparation steps will ensure that the Hawaii motorcycle shipping process will go smoothly and provide you with a more pleasant experience.

 Why do Motorcyclists choose Us when Shipping their Bikes to Hawaii?

At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, as an ethical business, our customers value the many services we provide regarding their bike shipment from California-Honolulu.  Our ability to communicate with them throughout the shipping process ensures that they can monitor where their motorcycle is at while in transit.  This also applies if they are shipping their car with their motorcycle to the islands.

In addition to this, motorcyclists turn to us for the following reasons:

·       WE are a bonded and licensed motorcycle transport company. ·       WE have nearly 30 years’ experience in Hawaii motorcycle transport. ·       WE keep you updated on your shipment throughout the shipping process. ·       WE offer personalized customer service and strive to exceed your expectations. ·       WE provide maximum protection for your motorcycles while it’s in transit.

 Call us NOW!

For additional information regarding our Hawaii motorcycle transport services, our experienced professionals, popular types of motorcycles we ship, call Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today at (888) 230-9776. Our reliable business representatives are available for your support and can help you with the registration.