How much does it cost to fly a motorcycle?

Nothing beats the feeling of cruising the open road on two wheels.  However, if you are moving long-distance with family members, traveling on your bike to your new location may not be the best option.  Motorcycles are fairly heavy, so transporting them in the bed of a pick-up isn’t practical.  Furthermore, you could rent a trailer and tow it yourself if you’re not concerned about the risks of damage or theft.  Thus, if you’re planning a long-distance relocation, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has a number of solutions for you where this is concerned. And that includes airfreight as an option.

What are the basic motorcycle shipping options?

One of the many qualities that separates our motorcycle shipping services from other industry competitors is the variety of transport options that we offer.  Thus, the first decision you need to make when shipping your motorcycle to your new location is selecting a shipping method that best facilitates your needs.  We offer the following options for transporting your bike:

Door-to-door transport – as the name implies, our drivers pick up your bike from the location specified and deliver it to your new home or location.  This option is sometimes referred to as “roll-on/roll-off” transport and is ideal for individuals who don’t mind paying a little more to ensure the safety and security of their motorcycle.

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping specializes in shipping of motorcycles. If shipping a car, we can help using our trusted partner

Enclosed transport – as our most recommended motorcycle shipping method, this is the safest and most secure transport method offered by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  This option was developed to accommodate motorcyclists who:

  • are not concerned about the cost of shipping
  • are shipping a high-end, luxury, or vintage motorcycle
  • are shipping their bike long-distance, cross-country, or internationally
  • haven’t decided on a pick-up and delivery date
  • want to ensure that their bikes are protected against damage and theft

Open transport – this is the most economical motorcycle transport method.  However, your bike is going to be exposed to environmental elements (e.g. pollution and weather) and road conditions.  Unlike the enclosed transport method, your bike will not be as safe and secure while in transit.  Consider this method if:

  • you know the exact pick-up and delivery dates
  • you’re not concerned about exposure to the elements and other risks mentioned above
  • you’re only shipping your motorcycle a short distance

Although this is a lot to consider when shipping your motorcycle, it pays to do enough research and make a well-informed decision. If you are not able to find a comprehensive solution, we’ll be able to help you.

What is involved when shipping your motorcycle by air?

In addition to renting a trailer and hauling your motorcycle yourself or shipping it via the transport methods above, you also have the option of having your bike transported by plane.  Although this method isn’t as common as transporting a bike by ground, it is a quicker method to use and equally as safe as shipping it in an enclosed trailer, especially if you’re moving to another country overseas.  Unfortunately, this is a more expensive transport method because of the efficiency and timeliness involved.

What are the advantages of shipping your motorcycle by air?

Shipping a motorcycle by air is not an uncommon transport method.  However, it rarely is an initial consideration when comparing shipping methods due to the additional cost.  Despite the additional expense involved with shipping a motorcycle by plane, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping details the many advantages to consider with this method including the following:

  • ability to ship the motorcycle to numerous locations worldwide
  • air freight offers lower insurance premiums
  • dependable departure and arrival times
  • fastest motorcycle shipping method
  • higher level of safety and security
  • less packing and prep required
  • less risk of damage or loss
  • no need for storing your motorcycle
  • satellite tracking services enable you to monitor the movement of your bike

Furthermore, we’ll also be happy to discuss alternative methods for shipping your bike internationally so you can make a well-informed decision about this. You can call us to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll be able to offer the most affordable prices.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle by air?

As with any other transport method, there are factors that will influence the cost to ship your motorcycle by plane.  However, there are additional factors such as custom and duty taxes that enter into the equation as well.  Based on these factors and an average of what past clients have paid for shipping overseas, you can anticipate paying twice what it costs to ship it domestically or between $1,000 and $2,000.

For more information about transporting your motorcycle by air, please call Cheap Motorcycle Shipping at (888) 230-9776 or visit our website by clicking here. Our business representatives are available for assistance.