How Long Will It Take to Ship My Motorcycle?

If you’re a motorcycle owner and you’ve moved before, you’re probably aware of how stressful moving can be, especially if you need to ship your bike to your new location as well. The experts at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping know that it’s easier said than done. Maybe you need to ship your bike because you want to attend a rally in another state of maybe you’re moving long-distance. Whatever the reason, knowing the steps to take is usually the most challenging aspect of shipping your bike.

What are your options for shipping your motorcycle?

 One thing is certain when it comes to shipping your bike from Point A to Point B. There are several options to consider before making your decision. Hopefully, the following information will help in the decision-making process. You have 4 choices when it comes to shipping –

 1) DIY bike shipping,

2) hire an independent hauler,

3) hire a freight company, or

4) hire a shipper that specializes in transporting motorcycles such as Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.

 In order to make a well-informed decision about how your motorcycle is going to be transported, you need to compare the pros and cons of each shipping method:

  • DIY bike shipping (shipping it yourself) – The pros: you’re in control and you could save a few bucks (if you handle things the right way. The cons: equipment costs, money, and time all add up quickly.
  • Hire an independent hauler – The pros: in most cases, they’re more affordable than other shipping methods. The cons: lack of experience with motorcycles and the proper equipment to move them. Insurance and licensing may also be an issue.
  • Hire a freight company – The pros: reliability and timeliness in scheduling. The cons: costs and preparation time involved.
  • Hire a professional motorcycle shipper – The pros: efficiency, experience, and the proper equipment for the job. The cons: cost may be higher.

 No matter the reason for shipping your bike, your #1 priority should be ensuring that it arrives safely, securely, and undamaged at your final destination. If you can factor in the costs involved and you’re only moving a smart distance, a DIY move may be the best choice. If you’ve decided to use Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, you’ve ensured that your bike will be in good hands from start to finish. With years of experience in shipping a myriad of different motorcycles across the country and even internationally, we are conversant with all the processes and procedures to ensure safe delivery of your motorcycle.

How long will it take to ship your bike to your new location?

 The delivery time frame on your motorcycle will depend on a number of factors including the distance, origin and destination, size of the truck transporting your bike, and the number of motorcycles being shipped with yours. The average delivery time with most shipments ranges between one and four weeks based on the above factors. Please keep in mind that the schedule is not always guaranteed. However, we try our best to ensure that your motorcycle id delivered at your destination in time. If there is any delay, we will reach out to inform you.

 What motorcycle transport methods do we provide?

 If you’ve never used a professional motorcycle shipper to transport your bike when moving to a new location, this information will be helpful. As with anything else in life, the more you plan and prepare, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Once you’ve chosen the shipping company to transport your bike, you’ll need to provide them with all pertinent information about yourself, your bike, and your destination. At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we offer the following transport methods:

  • Container shipping – if you need to ship your bike cross-country or internationally, this is the best choice. Bikes are secured with front and rear tie downs inside the container. Containers have the capacity to hold several ATV’s, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. If you choose this transport method, be sure you drain the fuel tank prior to loading.
  • Crated shipping – you may have the option of a metal or wooden crate when using this transport method. The crate is normally built around your bike before loading it into a container or onto a trailer. The bike is secured with tie downs. As with the container method, you’ll need to drain the fuel tank.
  • Open or uncrated shipping – keep in mind that when you ship your bike uncrated, it’s going to be exposed to road conditions and the weather. This is the ideal method for shipping a bike locally over a short distance. It’s also the most economical way to ship your motorcycle.

 To learn more about motorcycle transport methods, types of shipping options, and the time frame involved in shipping your bike, call Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today.