Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has developed additional transport services for handling interisland Hawaii motorcycle shipping.  For several years now, we’ve specialized in shipping motorcycles from Oahu to Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, and the other islands. 

Our premium inter-island shipping process is one of the most secure transport channels in our industry today.  It provides 100% protection from the elements utilizing multiple departures from the island of Oahu on a daily basis. 

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping specializes in shipping of motorcycles. If shipping a car, we can help using our trusted partner

Save money and time

When you hire our premium interisland Hawaii motorcycle shipping services, you’ll enjoy the significant cost savings by avoiding hours of stand-by time and waiting in line at some congested barge port. 

Safety first

Furthermore, you’ll benefit from our Hawaii motorcycle shipping services as your bike will be transported safely and securely in an enclosed shipping container.  This has helped Cheap Motorcycle Shipping to improve our routing and deliver throughout the shipping process.

 What exactly is Inter- Island Shipping?

 When bike owners decide to ship their motorcycles from the mainland to Hawaii, our nationwide transport services will ship your bike in an enclosed trailer for maximum protection.  From that point, you can ride your bike to your new location in Hawaii.  However, since this requires more work on your behalf, it may be somewhat inconvenient. 

This is the reason why some bike owners prefer our inter-island motorcycle shipping services over other companies.  Plus, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will save you the energy and time required to travel to the nearest shipping port and pick up your bike.

 Amenities and Convenience

 With our inter- island motorcycle transport services, our efficient bike shipping services ensure quicker, more personalized drop-offs at a convenient Honolulu location that is situated within 5 miles of less the island’s port. 

Your experience with our Hawaii motorcycle shipping process will be further enhanced with our fast, hassle-free transport pick-up and drop-off service.  Our island terminals are all fully staffed, covered facilities that offer maximum protection and security.  In addition to the above, each one of these terminals provides on-site customer service as well as storage and warehousing.

 Additional Considerations about Interisland Hawaii Motorcycle Shipping

Most individuals that relocate to the Hawaiian Islands do so because of their careers, are in the military, or are retiring there.  In any event, no bike owner wants to leave his or her wheels behind on the mainland. 

At the Port in Hawaii

Once they arrive at the Oahu port, they’ll need to rely on the interisland shipping motorcycle services in Hawaii provided by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping to pick up their bikes and transport them to the island where they’ll be living.

Additional consideration before shipment

 These are all additional considerations that you want to keep in mind when shipping your bike or bikes in a container to Hawaii.  Additionally, you should spend time thinking about your pick-up and drop-off options.  For example, do you want to pick up your bike at the closest port or have it in a crate and shipped to your new location? There are some very valid reasons that inter- island shipping in the country may become necessary when relocating to Hawaii.  However, most of the time, it’s a matter of preference.

 Why consider using our Interisland Hawaii Motorcycle Shipping Services?

 Many bike owners prefer our inter-island shipping services over picking up their bikes at the Oahu port in Hawaii.  For some of them, it’s a time factor while for others, it’s a logistics issue.  Traveling from the airport to the port can be costly when you aren’t using your bike or vehicle.  Because of the added expense, it’s cheaper to have your motorcycles loaded in container and then dropped off at your new location in Maui. When we crate, load and ship, we provide you with a docket number and GPS tracking so that you are aware of the entire procedure.

Does Interisland Motorcycle Shipment cost more?

 If you are looking for a free quote, shipment date for delivery in Kauai or any other destination by reliable carrier, your search ends with us. For secure transit and perfect condition at delivery at your destination, we use state-of-the-art equipment for the protection of your vehicle.

Motorcycle shipment company

Irrespective of the model of the bike, costs are left unchanged and are affordable when your motorcycles are loaded in containers at the port, during transit. Whether you select door-to-door delivery in Maui or want to pick up your motorcycles in Hawaii, our company contact person will be there for your assistance.

Do your research before you ship

Here are some tips to consider , before you decide between shipping your bike to port or using Cheap Motorcycle Shipping for your inter- island transport services, it’s a good idea to research the cost differences in door-to-door delivery and container shipments of motorcycle.  The best shipping motorcycle services offer inter-island and port shipping services. 

However, the fees for these services often vary.  Since a truck is needed to finish the motorcycle transport process, inter- island shipping tends to be more expensive because of the additional loading and unloading time required.  Plus, there’s the fuel cost as well.

 Will Interisland Hawaii Motorcycle Shipping take more Time?

You can expect the inter-island shipping process for your motorcycle to take more time because after your bike arrives at the port, it has to be packaged and shipped from there to its new location.  The additional time depends on the total distance to the drop-off location from the port. 

The only way that you can get an accurate estimate of the time factor and load detail is to speak with a Cheap Motorcycle Shipping representative and find out the expected wait time and details for the arrival of your bike.

Available services for motorcycles in transit

 There are services available for transporting your bike by shipping company throughout the Hawaiian Islands and they can be very affordable and convenient.  Just be aware that there may be added price factors and details associated with the service such as enclosed or open-air transport.  You’ll need to determine whether port-based car shipping or inter- island shipping is the better option for your budget and needs.  When it comes to interisland Hawaii motorcycle shipping, we are your best option as we offer crate and container options to pack and ship vehicles.

Ship motorcycles to Hawaii

Having to ship motorcycle interisland hawaii can be very convenient, especially when you need to ride into town and shop at different businesses and companies on Hawaii island.  If you’re concerned about the price of interisland Hawaii motorcycle shipping, there are ways to make it more affordable. 

Cost of Shipping a motorcycle

Opting for open-air transport as opposed to enclosed container shipping or booking motorcycle transport services in Hawaii during winter. On an average it ranges from $650 to $1200 depending upon the city you ship from.  For additional information regarding Free quote or our inter-island motorcycle shipping services, call Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today at (888) 230-9776.