Whether you recently bought a BMW motorcycle and need it shipped to your home, are relocating and need to ship your bike with your vehicle, or are planning on riding in a motorcycle rally and need it shipped nearby, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping can help. 

If you’re having your BMW motorcycles shipped from a BMW dealer or directly from the BMW Company, you want to ensure that it receives the TLC it deserves during shipping.  That’s what we do to ensure your bike arrives at its destination in pristine condition. 

A quick word about BMW Bikes

Although the company was originally an aircraft engine manufacturer, BMW has been producing some of the finest touring or stock bikes since 1923 under the BMW Motorrad label.

In 1980, the BMW Company introduced the R80 GS, the first enduro motorcycles designed for both highway and off—road or dirt use.  Although the company only offers a street-legal version of the G450X model, they will provide all the parts needed to convert it to a dirt bike. 

Primary Reasons why BMW Motorcycle Owners prefer Shipping their Bikes

Research has shown that there are several reasons why BMW motorcycle owners prefer to ship their bikes rather than ride them to their new location.  One of the primary reasons that BMW shipped over 194,000 bikes in 2021 is because the BMW company manufactures a great touring motorcycle that is ideal for cross-country and other long ride adventures.

 As was mentioned above, maybe you’re interested in shipping your BMW bike to Myrtle Beach or Sturgis so you can participate in one of the two best motorcycle rallies in the country.  Or maybe you want to cruise US Route 1 from the Statue of Liberty to Key West, Florida.  With a BMW motorcycle, these types of activities or events aren’t just doable; you’ll ride comfortably as well.

 There are other reasons for having your BMW bike shipped to its intended destination such as shipping your classic BMW motorcycle to a collector who bought it or having it shipped from the BMW dealership you purchased it from to your home.  You might even be moving on short notice and need express shipping.  No matter what your reason for having your bike shipped or whether it’s getting shipped domestically or internationally, we’ve got you covered at our motorcycle transportation business.  

4 Shipping Options to choose from

 When it comes to shipping your motorcycles, you have 4 transport options to choose from.  Each one has its pros and cons so weigh your options carefully.  Your shipping options include: 

DIY transport

Moving your own BMW motorcycle affords you the most control over the shipping and delivery of your bike.  However, it may not be as cost-effective as you might think.  For example, if you don’t have a trailer or truck that is large enough to handle the transport of your motorcycle, you’ll have to rent one or both as well as a bike ramp.  Plus, you’ll need tie-downs as well as clam buckles or ratchets. 

 Freight company transport

If you don’t want to be responsible for the shipping and delivery of your bike, but you’re on a tight schedule, consider hiring a freight company to transport your motorcycle.  Freight companies specialize in transporting large shipments nationwide and have a reputation for on-time shipping, even when it’s on short notice.  The biggest disadvantage to using this shipping option compare to Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is that most freight companies will require BMW bikes as well as other brand name bikes and accessories to ship in an enclosed steel or wooden crate. 

Independent hauler transport

As far as the cost of shipping and delivery of your motorcycle, the use of an independent hauler is a good middle-of-the-road option to consider.  In most cases, independent hauler transport is a very economical option. 

In fact, they can be cheaper than DIY shipping and delivery, whether you’re getting it delivered from a BMW dealer or shipping it from your current home to its new location.  Unfortunately, many independent haulers are inexperienced in shipping bikes.

 Professional motorcycle transport

Most BMW motorcycle customers prefer having the shipping and delivery of their bikes handled by a professional motorcycle transport company like Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  While this option may cost a little more than others, they have certain advantages over the other options.  For example, we supply all the necessary shipping and delivery equipment for our customer’s needs when it comes to the transport of their bikes and accessories.

 BMW Motorcycle Shipping Services

By now, you’re probably wondering about our shipping services where your bike is concerned.  Although the shipping method you choose will be a matter or preference, it often comes down to money and time as does how you want it shipped which we’ll discuss in the next section.  In other words, how much is it going to cost to ship my BMW motorcycle and how soon can you schedule the delivery of my bike?

 At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we provide 5 types of shipping services including:

 Container transport

This is a great choice if you need domestic or international BMW motorcycle transport services.  Your bike will be secured with tie-downs inside the transport container with other customer’s ATV’s, bikes, and dirt bikes.  With container motorcycle shipping, draining the fuel is required.

 Crated or Uncrated transport

Besides our other motorcycle shipment options, your bike can be shipped in a crate or un-crated.  When your BMW motorcycle is crated, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it will arrive at its destination in the same condition as when our transport specialists picked it up.

 Door to Door Shipping

This method of shipping your BMW motorcycle will deliver your bike from a BMW dealer or your current home to the door step of your new location as long as there are no city government restrictions regarding large trucks and trailers in your community or neighborhood.

 Enclosed transport

Although this shipping option typically costs more than others, it provides your bike with more protection against the weather, road grime, and other hazards involved when transporting your motorcycle over long distances.  This option will usually $150 to $200 more than the other transport methods. You can check prices online for storage services or how many weeks it takes for transportation and miles covered.

 Open-air transport

Whether you’re having your motorcycle delivered from a dealership or from your current address to your new home, while you are looking to take an adventure trip, the biggest advantage to this motorcycle shipping method is that it’s the most cost-effective way to ship your bike.  However, the downside to open-air transport is that it provides little if any protection for your motorcycle or other personal items, from the elements and other hazards of the open road.

 Whether you choose our company, another motorcycle shipping company, or a vehicle transport company to handle your BMW motorcycle shipping needs, carefully consider the options above before making your decision.

 Factors that influence the Cost of Motorcycle Shipping

There are several factors that can influence the overall cost of BMW motorcycle shipping services.  These include: 

·       fuel surcharges

·       motorcycle shipping discounts

·       motorcycle shipping insurance

·       origin, destination, and transport route

·       priority shipping

·       size and weight of your motorcycle as oversized or heavy bikes cost more

·       total transport distance

·       type of transport method selected

·       whether you use our warehouse facilities for motorcycle pickup and drop-off

 Keep in mind that BMW motorcycle shipping is the most affordable when the origination point is in an urban area and your bike will be transported along a major highway route.

 Benefits of BMW MOA Motorcycle Shipping

 Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is one of the country’s largest BMW motorcycle transport companies for domestic and international motorcycle shipping.  As a BMW motorcycle owner, you’ve probably seen posts in forums/recommended communities online that discuss the benefits of having a membership as a premium member, in the BMW MOA (Motorcycle Owners of America).  Whether it was a new thread or an older thread, forum software of BMW MOA ensures that premium member gets the following benefits: 

·       $7000 Valuation Coverage

·       No-Surprise Satisfaction Policy

·       Online Booking and Tracking

·       Perimeter of Protection

Originally founded in Chicago in 1972 by 5 BMW enthusiasts, the BMW MOA now has over 40,000 members nationwide and more world over. 

If you are looking for more information, there are plenty of online forums that have real-time month challenge. Additionally, you can look at fora platform, to see the different motorcycles. With online forums offering genuine information, you may browse old thread or ask to become a premium member to access a plethora of insightful details on BMW motorcycles.  

Preparing Your BMW Motorcycle for Transport 

If you want your BMW bike delivered directly from the BMW company or a BMW dealer, they will prepare it in such a way that it arrives in pristine condition.  The same is true when you have the Cheap Motorcycle Shipping specialists pick up your motorcycle for delivery.  However, if you’re relocating to another city or state and having your bike shipped from your current address to your new location, you should follow these steps to ensure it rides safely while in transit: 

Preparing the inside of the motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycle shipping, preparing the inside of your bike is equally as important as preparing the outside of it.  Be sure to document any mechanical problems, make sure the tires are underinflated slightly, reduce the level of fuel in the tank to 1/4 full, and report or resolve any leaks.

 Preparing the outside of the motorcycle

First and foremost, give your bike a good cleaning a few weeks before transportation.  This is a good time to document its current condition as well.  Finally, be sure to remove all accessories and loose items before shipment, including:

·       bicycle rack

·       GPS systems

·       luggage rack

·       removable stereos 

·       spoilers

·       toll tags (if applicable on motorcycles)

It’s wise to check all accessible fasteners and disengage the security alarm, before shipment if you have one installed. It will help retain its excellent condition.

Ship Worldwide

Whether you need it transported to Canada, UK or within USA, we will get it done within your budget and price. Our quality service and business ethics is unmatched.

To learn more about BMW motorcycle shipping or for the cost of shipping your bike, or about our business, request a free quote, call (888) 230-9776.