Motorcycle Shipping San Diego

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is well known for providing two-wheel enthusiasts the highest quality motorcycle shipping services in San Diego at the most competitive rates in the auto transport industry.  As the premier motorcycle shipping company in the western US, we offer our clients cutting edge transport technology and an unmatched dedication to 100% customer satisfaction.  If you’re planning a permanent relocation to another city or state, or taking an extended touring vacation through the California countryside, we offer an extensive line of motorcycle transport services to help accomplish those goals.

Why choose Cheap Motorcycle Shipping to transport your bike?

When you’re searching for a company to ensure the safe and secure handling of your bike, choose Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  Since establishing our company, we have provided clients with the most reputable and trustworthy motorcycle shipping services in San Diego in our industry.  Our team of professionals is always prepared to assist you and answer all your questions so that you have an easier time of navigating the shipping process. This is what we do and how we gain our client’s trust. And with hundreds of referrals each year, we have the confidence that we are doing it right. Call us to know more about the whole process.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

Whether you’re shipping your bike locally, within the same state, or across the US, it’s important to determine the costs involved.  Furthermore, there are several factors and variables involved in those calculations.  When providing an estimate of the shipping costs, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping takes these factors into consideration:

  • Delivery location
  • Size and weight of the motorcycle
  • Time of year
  • Total transport distance
  • Transport method selected (choices include crated, door-to-door, enclosed, open-air, or terminal-to-terminal transport)

In addition to this, you may want to consider purchasing additional shipping insurance from a 3rd party provider.  All motorcycle shipping companies in San Diego are required by law to carry shipping insurance.  This will pay for some of the damage that your bike sustains in transit.  If you want to ensure full coverage, we always advise our clients to purchase addition coverage from a 3rd party insurer.  Fortunately, you won’t have to be concerned about any damage to your bike when our company transports it.

Are there cheaper shipping options available?

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has always researched their competitors in order to keep improving their services and their rates.  One of our goals is to provide the most competitive motorcycle shipping rates in San Diego possible.  No doubt there are cheaper rates out there, but just keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  This certainly holds true when you are doing your research and comparing 4 to 6 transport companies.  We always caution people not to be lured in by cheaper rates.

How do you prepare your bike for the trip?

The last thing you want to do is delay your Cheap Motorcycle Shipping team when they arrive to load up your motorcycle.  Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your bike is fully prepared to head out on its journey.  When it comes to making sure that your bike is ready to be picked up, allow yourself enough time to take the following preparation measures:

  • Check all fluid levels
  • Check the tire pressure
  • Clean the bike and its wheels as thoroughly as possible
  • Disable the alarm (if one has been installed)
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Document any mechanical issues and take photos of any existing damage (inform the transport driver of these issues as well)
  • Don’t leave the gas tank filled more than 1/4 of its capacity
  • Remove all accessories and personal belongings
  • Secure any loose objects

Once you have completed all of these steps, it’s a good idea to double check or even triple check the list to ensure that everything has been done ahead of the scheduled pick-up by the motorcycle shipping team in San Diego. And in case, you are unable to take these steps for any reason, call us and we’ll send out a crew to prepare and pack your motorcycle.

Why should you hire Cheap Motorcycle Shipping to transport your bike?

If there’s one thing that we understand more than the average transport company, it’s the fact that motorcycle enthusiasts love their bikes almost as much as their own children.  Thus, when you hire our company to get your motorcycle from Point A to Point B, we’re going to give it the safe and secure care that you always do.  So don’t entrust the care and shipment of your bike to just any motorcycle shipping company in San Diego, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping for an estimate today. We’d be glad to assist you at any step of the way while shipping your motorcycle.