Need to Ship Your Motorcycle Across the Country? It’s Easier Than You Think

If you’re relocating from the East Coast to the West Coast or vice versa, it can be a stressful process. When it comes to shipping your motorcycle across the country, it may seem like riding the bike there yourself might be easiest. But when you factor in the logistics of planning a drive like that, plus money for hotels and food, this idea probably won’t look so appealing. On the other hand, if you need to ship a bike to someone where the title has been transferred, you need the services of a reliable motorcycle shipping company.

Here at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we offer some of the most competitive, affordable motorcycle shipping prices in the country. Here; ‘s what you need to know about shipping your motorcycle across the country and why it’s easier than you think.

Shipping a Motorcycle Coast to Coast: Explained

What’s the first step to shipping your bike from one coast to the next? The first thing that has to be established is scheduling and preparing the bike for shipment. The process for getting started with Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is pretty straightforward. When you contact us, we’ll give you a detailed and accurate quote for your coast to coast transportation project. The following components will be included in your quote:

For cross country motorcycle shipping, we recommend container shipping, but crate shipping is also an option. Open, or uncrated shipping is really only a viable option if you’re transporting your motorcycle shorter distances. With this option, you don’t have to drain the gas tank for preparation. But with container or crate shipping, you will.

Differences Between Open, Crate, and Container Shipping for Motorcycle Transport

If you need your bike shipped shorter distances, open or uncrated shipping is a viable option and should meet your needs. When you send a bike in an open or uncrated carrier, it is securely tied down, but exposed to the elements. We strap the bike down to the inside part of a crate at the front and rear. Then the bike is securely transported to a local, or short distance. This is a good option for people who are transferring ownership of the bike, although we’ll gladly complete this service for someone relocating a short distance, too.

What about crate shipping? With this option, your motorcycle will be safely transported in either a wooden or metal crate of your choosing. Usually, the boxes are built around the bike, then loaded onto a trailer or in a container for shipping. The bike is secured with tie-downs inside the crate. If you’re shipping this way, you’ll have to drain the fuel before having the bike crated.

Lastly, shipping a bike in a container, and having it transported via tractor-trailer is the ideal option for cross-country transports. The bike will be secured with tie-downs at the front and rear. Each container on the semi can hold several motorcycles, along with ATVs, dirt bikes, and other secure content during the transportation process. Again, you’ll have to drain the fuel before shipping the bike.

Shipping Across Country: How Long It Takes

The time it takes to ship and deliver your bike depends on several factors. On average, though, it will take about two weeks to one month. When you place an order with us, the nearest available pick-up date will range from two to seven business days after the order is processed. The actual shipment can take from one to six calendar days after we pick-up your bike. You do have the option for express shipping that gives you the first pick-up date available within two to three days.

When planning a cross-country move, you’ll need to take these pick-up and delivery times into consideration. When you contact us for a free quote, we’ll give you a reasonable estimate of pick-up and delivery times for your chosen dates and locations.

Shipping Coast to Coast: Additional Information You Need to Know

At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we aim to ship your bike safely, securely, and on-time. We’re also focused on offering our customers some of the most affordable rates in the motorcycle shipping industry. Here’s what else you need to know when it comes to shipping your bike long distances:

Consider the Weather

If you’re shipping long distances, you’ll want to use enclosed shipping. It might be sunny and dry where you are in Nevada, but shipping to Pittsburgh means your bike will encounter poor weather conditions. We recommend a closed crate or container shipping for distances that exceed 500 miles. This will keep your motorcycle adequately protected. Shorter distances can benefit from simple, uncrated transport.

Prepare Your Bike

Before you transport your bike, give it a thorough cleaning. Also, take note of any dents, dings, and scratches and make a note of them. Take photos if needed. If something goes wrong during the transportation process, you’ll want detailed documentation of any prior and subsequent damage for insurance claim purposes. The more accurate and detailed documentation you have, the easier the claims process will be.

Also, be sure to deactivate any alarms on your bike to make the shipment process smoother. All personal items should also be removed from the outside of the motorcycle to prevent dings and nicks. You can securely lock away items in saddlebags and trunks, like titles and keys, if you’re transferring ownership. Extra sets of keys should be secured to the handlebars with plastic ties.

For those that are shipping a motorcycle across the country, you’ll need to drain the gas tank before transportation. Make sure you inflate the bike’s tires if they are low, too. For crated shipping, you’ll also want to take out the battery. Crates made of wood are flammable, and even small gas leaks can cause an accident.

Prepare for Drop off

Our professional drivers will always contact you one day before the scheduled drop off. For drop off, there are a few things you’ll want to do to prepare. Carefully check over your bike for signs of damage, and compare your “before” photos with the bike at drop off for insurance claims if needed. Please be aware that insurance claims can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or two before they are reviewed and finally settled.

Although crated and container shipping is a bit more expensive than our open crate option, it’s the only thing we recommend for long-distance travel. When your bike is kept inside a container and safely secured, it’s protected from inclement weather, criminal activity, and poor road conditions. At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we focus on transporting your motorcycle quickly and affordably. The process for getting started is convenient and much easier than you think. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.