Finding the Best Motorcycle Transport Companies

When it comes to finding a reputable motorcycle transport company, you will need to set aside a little of your time to conduct research. It requires a little diligence, but by collecting quotes and reading customer reviews, you will surly find a company to suit your needs. Motorcycle transport companies will advertise is various ways in order to expand their business.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Transport Companies

Check for legitimacy in their website by reading what previous customers had to say about the service the company provides, if the company has bad reviews , such as these reviews. If the website does not have a link to customer reviews, consider moving on to the next company. If it seems as though they are attempting to conceal their reputation, they are more than likely a less than reputable company.

Have any questions you have prepared before calling the shipping company. If the agent you are speaking with does not sound knowledgeable about how the process works, you can take that as a sign to search for another company. The best motorcycle shippers will be able to answer all of your questions without hesitation.

Document the Condition of Your Bike

Before you schedule a ship date, you will need to document what kind of shape your bike is in. This is beneficial because in the event of a mishap during transport, you will have a much easier time filing an insurance claim. Accidents do not happen often, but in some instances, mistakes have been made. Luckily, reputable transport companies will cover the cost if an accident does occur.

Even if your motorcycle is brand new, you should still take the time to check for minor imperfections such as small scratches.  This will ensure that there will not be a dispute between you and the shipping company. On the day of transport, the driver will conduct a brief inspection of the bike as well. You can add to the inspection report sheet if you notice the driver forgot to jot something down about the bike.

Methods Used to Ship Motorcycles

  • Enclosed Transport
  • Open Air
  • Door to Door
  • Terminal to Terminal
  • Crated

Shipping a Bike for the Right Price

The best motorcycle transport companies in the country understand that they need to make their services affordable. So their prices are designed to be flexible so that it can meet the needs of anyone looking to ship their bike locally or even across the country. As of right now, the cheapest motorcycle shipping method to date is open air terminal to terminal transport.

How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Transport

Preparing your motorcycle prior to the ship date is necessary to make certain your bike and the other bikes onboard the hauling truck will not acquire damages. Clean your bike of all dirt and deposits so that inspecting the bike is easier. Small damages could be hidden under mud and dirt, but by cleaning the bike, you will see these damages much more easily.

  • Remove loose items from the bike
  • Disable the alarm system
  • Check the fluids, tire pressure and battery
  • Gas reading should be no higher than ¼ tank prior to shipping