Cheapest Way to Ship a Motorcycle to Europe

International motorcycle transport is a much different process than transporting a bike locally or even from coast to coast. Rules and regulations are always changing so it is important to stay up-to-date with customs to make sure you do not forget anything important. You will need to prepare the right paperwork and inspect the bike prior to the scheduled ship date.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Motorcycle to Europe

Keep in mind that driving in Europe is much different than driving in the U.S. you will benefit greatly by studying the rules of the road and street signs. Brushing up on road safety is going to keep you as well as the other drivers on the road safe while you spend time overseas. Getting your bike shipped overseas is also beneficial because you will be able to make the most out of your time and you can avoid using public transportation. It’s also a huge advantage because some bikes – such as good electric dirt bikes – might not be available there.

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Methods Used to Ship Bikes Overseas

  • Roll on Roll off Shipping – this is the most inexpensive form of international motorcycle transport. Basically, your bike will be driven onto the ship and stored internally. After it is loaded onto the ship, it will be secured for the duration of the trip.
  • Crated Transport – This method is also known as palletized motorcycle shipping. Not only is it reliable, but it is affordable. Your bike will be tied down inside of a crate, enclosed and then placed on a pallet ready for transportation by our preferred shippers Spartan Motorcycle Couriers.
  • Container Transport – If you are interested in shipping more than one motorcycle, this shipping method would benefit you greatly. Essentially, your bike will be placed inside of a container and fastened down tightly. This is regarded as the safest way to ship a bike and it is also cost effective.
  • Door to Door Transport – If you have a highly valuable bike or a classic bike, consider door to door transport. This is a convenient option for anyone who does not want to pick their bike up at the delivery depot. Once the bike arrives to Europe, it will then be transported directly to the location you are staying at.
  • Port to Port – This is a more affordable way to have your bike shipped overseas. You will need to arrange for transport to pick up your bike from the terminal, but you will save money by selecting this option.

Preparing Your Bike for International Transport

There are a few things you will need to do before you can transport your bike to Europe. The first thing you must do is wash the bike. Dirt and deposits will make it more difficult to see any minor imperfections such as small dents and scratches. Take pictures of your motorcycle and jot down notes about its condition on an inspection report sheet.

To ensure that your bike is not going to cause damages to the cargo on the ship which typically end up in negative reviews, have leaks repaired and make sure your gas reads no higher than ¼ tank. To avoid a disturbance, make sure to disable the alarm if your bike is equipped with one. The motorcycle transport company will also conduct an inspection of your vehicle on the ship date to make sure it is suitable for transport.