Cheapest Cross Country Motorcycle Shipping

In order to ship your motorcycle successfully you would need to have a realistic time line. You should look for a transporter at least one month before the date and familiarize yourself with the overall shipping process. Furthermore, you might want to remain rather patient and flexible. Unlike shipping services for parcels, motorcycle shipping is usually done on a timeline which is estimated. Therefore, unforeseen delays could take place.

At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we are a trusted leader in the auto shipping industry and are capable of accommodating any request. Regardless of whether you need your motorcycle to be shipped across the country, internationally or just across the state, we’ll do it with care. Our quotes include real-time tracking as well as comprehensive insurance coverage and we are a full service transporter with bonds, insurance and license.

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Choosing the Motorcycle Company

As you choose the motorcycle carrier, you will have to have a great idea of the trailer type that you want – either open or enclosed. You should also be aware of the door-to-door capabilities. Once you’ve gotten the quotes, you might want to research every single potential transporter before you make an official booking. Review the information and make proper use of it, taking the pricing into account.

Transporting Your Motorcycle

Before your carrier gets there, you need to prep the bike. There are a lot of comprehensive guides online which will provide you with enough information on how to handle this properly. Be prepared to put down a report as soon as the shipper gets there in order to note out all pre-existing issues. Make sure that the photos which are taken are of high quality. It is important to drain the tank of any fuel, clean the motorcycle, pad the side mirrors or remove them. Lock the motorcycle. All the rest the professional crew will be able to handle.

Motorcycle Shipping Options

Once your bike arrives, you should be ready with the preferred payment method and you should get your bike inspected once again. It is highly likely that the bike will be in great condition. If you have any issues, filing an insurance claim should be carried out within the first few weeks. There are a few different options that you might want to take into account in order to determine the method which is most appropriate for you. Here are some which are available:

  • Enclosed Transportation – this is the most secure way to get your bike shipped. This will ensure that the bike is properly protected from the elements as well as other hazards.
  • Open Air Transport – this is also an option if you are okay with your bike being exposed to the weather as well as driving conditions. This is the cheapest way to go.
  • Door to door Transport – this is perfect if you want your bike to be picked up at your place and deliver exactly where you want it.
  • Terminal to terminal – this is cost effective and it’s rather self-explanatory.
  • Crated transportation – this involves getting your bike into a pallet box and loading it on a truck. IT’s perfectly secured and it’s a popular option for bikes of high value.