Cheap Motorcycle Shipping USA

Do you need to ship your motorcycle abroad or looking for cross country moving services? You might be worried about the services and the associated cost of shipping. A lot of companies have free quote calculators online, but your best bet is to get a shipping company to make a custom offer based on your specific requirements. Any given company can provide you with a quote but a reliable service provider is going to take the time to calculate the exact amount of the expenses, taking a lot of factors into proper consideration.

Preparing the Motorcycle for the Shipping

There are a few things that you might want to take into account before shipping your motorcycle. Preparing your bike is essential for a hassle-free transit. So, the basics are:

  • Cleaning the bike from deposits and dirt
  • Removing accessories or loose items
  • Disabling the alarm system
  • Gas reading shouldn’t show more than ¼ of the tank
  • Inspecting the documents and any currently existing damage

Uncrated Shipping Rates

No pallet or roll on/roll off shipping starts from $280 for shorter distance shipping and goes up to about $570 on the majority of the coast to coast orders. However, the price here fluctuates depending on the distance as well as the size of the vehicle and of course – the current price of the fuel.

Metal Pallet Shipping Rates

The majority of the bike shipments with this method will cost you between $595 and $695. A heavy duty metal pallet is being used as well as solid and soft tie down straps for securing your motorcycle. The bike is being mounted on a metal pallet and secured with the aforementioned straps.  Thousands of bikes are being shipped out like this every single year. However, the pick-up and the delivery points need to be accessible by a tractor. If that’s not the case, the shipper might agree to meet you somewhere close by.

Container Shipping Rates

This is another option in which the shipper is going to provide you with a heavy duty metal container which is specifically designed for shipping motorcycles. You can bring the bike to the shipper’s original terminal and go ahead and place the bike within the container. You can also provide a wooden crate on your own, if you want to. You will have to pick up your bike at the delivery port.

Motorcycle Insurance during the Transit

This is also something that you need to take into account. The regular insurance which is offered by the shipping provider and included in the price goes to as much as $0.50 per pound. The price is predicated on the actual release valuation. Of course, you can opt in for additional insurance coverage. The minimum amount starts at $100 and the maximum is $10,000. This is perfect if your motorcycle is more valuable.

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