Cheap Motorcycle Freight

Now, usually motorcycle delivery is carried out on a timeline which is flexible. This is why delays can occur and it’s why it’s recommended that you allow plenty of time for the procedure and start looking for a transporter at least one month in advance. You need to be patient and prepared in order to avoid these delays.

When you choose a cheap motorcycle freight service for transporting your motorcycle, you need to decide between enclosed and open trailer. Open trailers are known to be a lot more expensive but they offer less protection than their enclosed counterparts. You might also see if the transporter offers door-to-door services. Before you make the final decision, it’s important to find feedback about the provided services.

Prepare for the Shipment

You might want to make sure to properly prepare the motorcycle for the process. The motorcycle is going to get inspected and if there is any pre-existing damage, it’s going to be noted in a report. Once the motorcycle is delivered, you should go ahead and inspect the machine on your own and compare the results with the report. You need to realize that your motorcycle is likely to be one amongst many others which will be transported and if you have issues or need to file a claim, it’s advisable to follow the instructions for insurance claim submission.

There are quite a lot of factors which need to be taken into account when figuring out the cost of the service and as such it’s important to contact a reliable shipping provider. There are quite a few online quote calculators which are going to provide you with a rough estimate, if you are unwilling to make a phone call. Some of the factors which affect the price include:

  • Travel distance – if you plan to ship your motorcycle from the east to the west coast or if you have a cross-country journey in mind, the price is definitely going to be higher than the one that you’d have to pay for a transit between a few states. What is more, popular destinations and well-traveled routes are also cheaper than the opposite.
  • Motorcycle model – You will quickly find out that these factors are also important when calculating the price. This is because the different types of motorcycles might require different transporting equipment. This is why you need to find a contractor which has enough experience.
  • Open vs. Close Carrier – as we explained before, open carriers tend to be less expensive and they also offer less protection. An enclosed carrier, on the other hand, is preferred if your motorcycle is more expensive and valuable.

In any case, it is far more convenient to get your motorcycle delivered than to drive it yourself. If you have to relocate, for instance, you might have another vehicle which needs to be driven which is going to overly complicate matters with your motorcycle. This is why it’s worth it to call a professional transporter.