Best Motorcycle Shippers in USA

When you need to move, you want only the best moving company to transport your pride and joy. You may not be able to ride your motorcycle to your new place and that’s okay, hiring a dependable and reputable shipping company will ensure that your motorcycle gets there safely. Choosing the right motorcycle shipping specialist is not an easy task. You have a lot of only invested into it and you don’t want just anyone hauling it around. United States Department of Transportation offers registration and license to the motorcycle shipping services.

Shipping Checklist for Preparing your Motorcycle

Once you find the right company for best motorcycle shippers in USA to transport it for you, follow this check list to ensure that you don’t forget anything and that everything is prepared for its journey to your new home.

  • Drain the gas in the tank
  • Remove or empty the saddlebags
  • Put the bike in the neutral gear
  • Remove the keys
  • Keep forks unlocked
  • Keep the inventory sheet given to you and signed by the moving company driver

Destination Shipping Checklist

Check the motorcycle once it arrives to ensure that everything looks like it did before it was hauled.  Take pictures and document at damage that you notice that was not there when you loaded it up. Find out what all is included in the moving company’s quote before you choose one. You will need to know:

  • Shipping costs – from the time your motorcycle leaves your possession until the time it reaches your new destination.
  • Transit coverage – what is covered during transit and do you need anything extra?
  • How long will it take to transport and what is the estimated date of arrival.

Questions to ask about your Motorcycle before Transport

1. How is the bike loaded?

While loading ramps are convenient, the transport company should offer lift gates to load bikes in to the truck with. Motorcycles weigh hundreds of pounds so it’s only right that they are provided with the most support.

2. Where is your bike stored for transport?

You don’t want your bike to be left loose in the moving truck. Professional movers should offer a specially designed pallet that will allow for your motorcycle to be strapped down and unable to move during transport and will secure it in case of any vibrations or bumps in the road.

3. Where is your copy of the inventory list?

Most professional moving companies will provide a copy of the inventory forms for the customers that list what is being hauled in their truck. If something should happen, you have that inventory form to assist you in filing a claim. It is not easy to trust a moving company with your cargo so be sure to check around and find the right one for you. When calling around, be sure to ask about any special treatment bikes can get during transportation. Have a list of questions you want answers to available as you talk to them. You can even check out websites online to find out who has the most to offer.   You want peace-of-mind when your bike is out of your possessions and into the moving truck. You can secure that mind set by doing everything you need to do to ensure that you have hired the right moving company for the job.