Terminal-to-Terminal Motorcycle Shipping Services

As the best resource for shipping motorcycles to any domestic or international location, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers state-of-the-art transport services, an unparalleled dedication to superior customer service, and the most competitive rates in the industry.  No matter what type of motorcycle you own and where you want it shipped, we are here to ensure that your bike is shipped safely and securely so it arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it was loaded onto a transport carrier at your location.

Why do people hire us to ship their motorcycles?

Before you choose a motorcycle transport company, it’s important to understand why a person would have their bike shipped to its new location in the first place.  There are a number of reasons why clients have hired Cheap Motorcycle Shipping in the past.  It may have been because they:

  • aren’t using their bike as their primary vehicle
  • don’t want to ride in bad weather
  • have bought or sold a motorcycle and need it shipped to its new location
  • need to have their motorcycle repaired
  • suffer with physical problems that make it difficult for them to ride long distances
  • want to avoid the added wear and tear by putting on additional mileage

One thing is certain.  No matter what the reason for shipping your motorcycle to a new location, we have the services that will facilitate your needs. With years helping innumerable clients all over US, get their motorcycles shipped globally, we are proud of our achievements. The increased number of referrals over the years substantiates our claim.

What is terminal-to-terminal motorcycle shipping?

One of several motorcycle transportation options, we offer is terminal-to-terminal motorcycle shipping.  As the name implies, you take your motorcycle to a shipping terminal and then pick it up at a terminal as close as possible to its new location.  Depending on how close you live to either terminal, this may not be a convenient option.  Although it is one of the more cost-effective transport options that Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers, it may not be the most effective if you have certain time restrictions to be concerned with.

How does terminal-to-terminal motorcycle shipping work?

While there are several other transport options for shipping a motorcycle, many clients choose the terminal-to-terminal option because it is more economical than the other options we offer.  With this option, you take your bike to the shipper’s dock or terminal to be shipped to their delivery dock or terminal in the delivery location.  Once there, they will notify you that your bike has arrived and needs to be picked up.  The only downside is that this option may not be so convenient during cold winter months.

What are the benefits of terminal-to-terminal motorcycle shipping?

Although this option means that your bike may be stored at the pick-up location before it is shipped, the shipping options offered by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping are intended to enhance the quality and timeliness of transporting your bike.  There are a number of significant benefits when choosing this motorcycle transport option.  Most individuals choose this option because they live in a large city where access for the transport driver is limited or there is limited street parking.  With this option, you have a lot of conveniences such as:

  • arranging for someone else to drop off or pick up your motorcycle
  • being able to drop off or pick up your bike without coordinating a specific date and time with the transport service
  • having the option of storing your bike in the terminal yard if you need to until you are ready to pick it up
  • picking up your vehicle when it is convenient for you to do so

Although terminal-to-terminal motorcycle shipping does offer a cost-savings benefit, that could be offset if you have to store your bike for an extended period. You can always discuss your custom requirements with us and we’ll be happy to customize a plan that meets your motorcycle shipping requirements.

What are the disadvantages of terminal-to-terminal transport?

It wouldn’t be fair to our potential customers to only tell them the benefits of this option without discussing the disadvantages.  As a result, this option has seen its popularity declining over the past decade.  Here is what you want to be aware of:

  • scheduling is more complicated
  • terminals are limited as to how much they can store
  • there are a decreasing number of terminals available
  • your bike is exposed to the elements while it sits in the terminal yard

To learn more about terminal-to-terminal motorcycle shipping or to speak with one of our transport specialists, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and guide you through the whole process. Call us today!