Shipping a Motorcycle to Cuba

When it comes to shipping a motorcycle to Cuba, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is the transport company that you can always trust.  Although our international shipping process is a bit more complex than the domestic of any vehicle, it is the fastest and the most reliable.  Granted, it’s more involved than carrying your duffle onto a bus, plane, or train, but it’s not impossible.  Not only do we handle all the legwork, we can teach you what’s required when preparing your bike for its overseas journey.

Is it safe to ship a motorcycle to an international destination?

One of the more common questions we answer about shipping their bikes overseas is “Is it safe to ship my bike to an international location?”  When shipping a motorcycle to Cuba, or the UK, the safest method to use is a professional transport company like Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  When using our company to ship your bike to Cuba, we will ensure that it is protected from the elements from the minute it leaves your hands until you pick it at your destination.  In addition to ensuring the safety and security of your bike, our international transport rates are the most competitive in the shipping industry. To get a free quote on your shipping requirement, call us today.

What motorcycle shipping options do we offer?

Whether you’re going on an extended vacation or participating in a Cuban bike rally, it’s important to determine what shipping option to use.  The options that we utilize when shipping a motorcycle to Cuba are similar to auto transport.  In any event, these shipping options are cost-effective, reliable, and safe.  The 3 most common ways to ship a motorcycle internationally include:

  • Crated transport – your bike is secured to a pallet and placed in a wooden crate. It is loaded onto the transport truck, delivered to the port, and then loaded onto a cargo ship that will carry it to its destination.
  • Enclosed transport – without a doubt, this is the safest and most secure Cheap Motorcycle Shipping method for any bike. Enclosed transport ensures that your bike will not be damaged by the elements during its voyage overseas.
  • Roll-on / roll-off transport – your motorcycle is loaded onto a cargo ship by using its own wheels. Once loaded onto the cargo ship, it is strapped down on the deck with other motorcycles and vehicles.  Basically, the cargo ship looks like a floating parking lot.

Keep one thing in mind about the last option above.  Even though your bike is exposed to the elements when strapped to the deck of a cargo ship, this is the quickest way to get your bike delivered overseas and the least expensive option of the three.

How much does shipping a motorcycle to Cuba cost?

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has long been recognized for offering some of the most competitive rates in the transport industry, especially when it comes to the international shipping of bikes and other vehicles.  According to the most recent shipping industry statistics, it will cost between $1,000 and $2,000 to ship your bike overseas based on the following factors:

  • Duties and taxes that apply in the country of destination
  • Location for pick-up and delivery
  • Motorcycle make and model
  • Shipping distance
  • Size and total weight of the shipment
  • Time of year

How do you prepare a motorcycle for shipping internationally?

Because of the differences in size and weight, it is less complicated to ship a motorcycle internationally than it is a car, SUV, truck, or van. And with our years of experience in safe shipping methods, we ensure timely and secure deliveries to Cuba.

No matter which shipping option you choose when shipping a motorcycle to Cuba, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping recommends the following when preparing your bike for transport:

  • Check the battery, fluids, and tire pressure
  • Clean the motorcycle thoroughly of any dirt and grime
  • Disable the alarm (if you’ve installed one)
  • Do not leave the gas tank more than 1/4 full
  • Document any damage (with photos) and list any mechanical issues; be sure to provide the transport driver with this information as well
  • Remove any accessories and secure all loose items

Following the above steps will ensure that your bike is ready when the transport driver arrives to pick it up.  However, if you are unable to prep the motorcycle, let us know and we’ll send out a team to do it for you. Keep in mind that shipping a motorcycle to Cuba may be a time sensitive issue.  Therefore, the last thing you want to do is delay them. 

If you have queries or concerns about the whole shipping process and the related documentation, call us. To learn more about international motorcycle shipping, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today.