Shipping a Motorcycle from Australia to UK

If you’re a motorcyclist living in Australia and would love to tour the English countryside on two wheels or want to participate in a UK bike rally, you probably have plenty of questions about shipping a motorcycle from Australia to UK.  At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we can help with that.  Our transport specialists are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to shipping motorcycles internationally.  Whatever your reasons for shipping your bike to the UK from Australia, we have the customizable transport options to facilitate your needs.

How do you prepare a motorcycle for international shipping?

With few exceptions, shipping a motorcycle internationally is not much different than shipping on domestically.  Most of this has to do with certain legalities and necessities that you should consider before your bike is shipped.  Doing some research and making preparations are keys to ensuring a successful passage when shipping a motorcycle from Australia to UK.  Preparing your bike for shipment will keep it safe and prevent injury to those responsible for its delivery.

You’ll find that it won’t take long to complete the following list of tasks (not necessarily in that order) recommended by Cheap Motorcycle Shipping:

  • Disable the alarm system (if one has been installed)
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Document and photograph all existing damage (be sure to provide the transport driver with copies of this)
  • Drain all fluids
  • Have your mechanic perform all necessary preventative motorcycle maintenance
  • Leave the gas tank no more than 1/4 full
  • Remove accessories and loose items, the handlebars, and any other objects that protrude from the motorcycle (this may be requested for container and crated transport options)
  • Wash the motorcycle and the wheels thoroughly to remove all deposits, dirt, and grime (biosecurity services will check for foreign plant material, insects, and mud}

Furthermore, the bike’s wheels should be unlocked and capable of moving, especially if you choose the roll-on/roll-off motorcycle transport method. If you are unable to do the needful, let us know. We’ll send out our team to do it for you before the pickup takes place.

Another key difference between shipping a motorcycle from Australia to the UK versus shipping it domestically is that it will need to pass through customs before it can be picked up at its destination point.  Make sure that you’ve documented everything that is going to be shipped with your bike.  You should have copies of this with you at all times while your bike is in transit.

What are the best international transport options?

When choosing a transport company to ship your bike overseas, it’s crucial that you find a company that offers multiple options.  Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers three transport options for shipping motorcycles internationally. Though the methods and prices differ as per the chosen option, we’ll take care of all necessities. This includes crated, enclosed, and open-air or roll-on/roll-off transport which we have explained as follows:

  • Crated transport – your bike is placed in a wooden crate once it’s been strapped securely to a pallet. Then it’s loaded onto the transport truck, delivered to a port closest to its intended destination, and then delivered inland to the owner.
  • Enclosed transport – as the safest and most secure way to ship a motorcycle internationally, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping recommends this method ahead of the others to ensure that your bike will not be damaged during its voyage overseas.
  • Roll-on / roll-off transport – this method is often referred to as open-air transport. Once your bike is loaded onto the cargo ship, it is strapped down on the deck with other motorcycles and vehicles.  It is the most cost-effective, but least protective, method for shipping a motorcycle internationally.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle from Australia to the UK?

Naturally, the cost to ship a motorcycle internationally will be more costly than shipping it within the boundaries of the United States.  With average prices ranging from $400 to $600 for every 1,000 miles, it would be in the range of $3500 and more for shipping to the UK. However, if you are searching for a reliable and trustworthy motorcycle shipping service that securely ships internationally, your search ends at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping. When shipping a motorcycle from Australia to the UK, the overall cost of shipping overseas will depend on a number of different factors including the following:

  • Origination point or pick-up location
  • Delivery location
  • Duties and taxes that apply in the port of entry
  • Shipping distance
  • Time of the year
  • Total weight of the shipment

Our company offers some of the most competitive international shipping rates in the industry and you can call us for the prices.  What typically raises shipping costs are the import duties and taxes charged at the port of entry in the destination country.  For more information about shipping a motorcycle from Australia to the UK or to learn more about different overseas shipping options, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today. Call us today!