How are Motorcycle Shipping Rates Calculated?

At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, one of the more common (if not the most common) questions we answer is “How much will it cost me to ship my bike to . . . . . ?” As with other online vehicle transport shipping companies, we use a motorcycle shipping cost estimator to give the potential customer a better idea of what it will cost them to get their bike from Point A to Point B.  The following will give you a better idea of what’s involved.

Why should you choose Cheap Motorcycle Shipping?

We realize you have dozens of choices when it comes to choosing a motorcycle shipping company to transport your bike.  This is a very competitive industry and companies are always hungry for new business.  However, we also feel that there are a number of reasons why we stand heads above our competitors when it comes to providing the type of transport service that exceeds the customer’s expectations.  Past customers have chosen us for a number of different reasons.

Some have hired us to deliver a motorcycle to its destination when they have bought or sold one.  Some are attending a rally on the opposite side of the US or overseas.  One way or the other, the common element among Cheap Motorcycle Shipping customers is that they all expect for their bikes to be delivered safely and in undamaged condition.  Whether they are shipping their motorcycles across the state, across the country, or overseas, our motorcycle shipping cost estimator will help them with their budgeting. Our network of experienced shipping agents are placed globally and can help with the deliveries and other formalities, as needed.

What factors are considered when calculating motorcycle shipping costs?

There are a number of factors that we take into consideration whenever we are calculating the cost to ship a motorcycle, regardless of its destination.  Location and shipping distance play the most significant role in the determination of shipping costs.  Here is a breakdown of those different factors:

  • Distance – this is the most significant factor when it comes to calculating motorcycle shipping costs.  If you consider the distance that is covered and the fact that the shipper is transporting multiple bikes at a time, this isn’t surprising at all.  Naturally, the cost to ship a motorcycle internationally will be the highest.
  • Pick-up and delivery location – this factor has more of an impact on motorcycle shipping costs than what most people anticipate.  For example, if we’re picking up your bike in a rural town in the middle of the US, it’s going to cost more than picking it up in a larger metropolitan area.  Plus, it’s easier to accommodate transporting your bike from one large city to another. However, we offer domestic and international shipping services, so irrespective of where you need the motorcycle shipped, we are just a call away.
  • Size and weight – motorcycles vary dramatically in their overall dimensions and weight.  So it’s only natural that these factors will impact the cost of shipping.  A larger bike may require additional preparation before it can be shipped such as removing the handlebars and tying it down so it is more secure.  Conversely, a smaller bike is easier to crate and requires less preparation.
  • Time of year – you might be surprised to find out that the time of year that you are shipping your bike also plays a role in calculating transport costs.  Summer is the busy season in the motorcycle shipping industry.  Consequently, many customers choose to ship their bikes in winter and pay a little extra for an enclosed transport.

It’s a good idea to keep these factors in mind when choosing a motorcycle shipping company.  In any case, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has a motorcycle shipping cost estimator that incorporates these factors when trying to get a better idea of what you will have to pay to ship your bike to another location. You can visit us in person or let us know the details and we’ll send you a free no obligation quote to help you estimate the price of shipping.

Are there additional costs that may be added?

Yes, there are.  For instance, if you’re shipping a luxury or vintage model bike, the rate won’t increase.  However, you may want to buy additional shipping insurance and have it shipped in an enclosed carrier.  Some of the additional costs that might be incurred include additional space for larger motorcycles, express shipments, failed delivery attempts, fuel charges, and so on.

For additional information about motorcycle shipping or to use our motorcycle shipping cost estimator, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping or visit our home page and click on the “Get Quote” button in the upper right corner. If you have queries or questions, please call us today and we’d be glad to answer them.