Motorcycle Shipping Crate Information

Motorcycles are basically small, two-wheeled, fuel-efficient vehicles that enable the owner to avoid traffic jams and enjoy the freedom of the open road.  Motorcyclists love their machines.  In fact, many owners love their bikes so much that they are willing to have them shipped anywhere in the world so they can always be riding them.  At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, we can ship your bike across town, across the state, and across the country.  We can even ship it overseas to the international destination of your choice as we have a large network of shipping agents globally that are experienced at handling such deliveries.

How are motorcycles shipped?

Motorcycle owners are very protective when it comes to their bikes and are very apprehensive about anyone else handling them, especially if they are shipping them to another location.  However, shipping a motorcycle is completely safe when you entrust it to the right transport service.  Basically, there are 2 methods for shipping a motorcycle – enclosed and open-air transport:

  • Enclosed motorcycle transport – this is the absolute safest and most secure method for transporting your bike. Enclosed transport ensures that your motorcycle will not be exposed to any elements or hazards while in transit as it is usually crated and stays inside the carrier.
  • Open-air motorcycle transport – although this is the more cost-effective shipping option, it doesn’t provide the protection that you get with an enclosed carrier. Oddly enough, 80% of all motorcycle shipping customers choose this method.

With enclosed crated transport, your bike is secured on a pallet and then loaded into a wooden crate.  It is also a popular option for the more discerning bike owner.  However, it usually requires additional preparation prior to shipping (see below).  In addition to the options above, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping also offers “door-to-door” or “terminal-to-terminal” options as follows:

  • Door-to-door transport – this option is exactly what the name implies. Your bike is picked up at a specified location and delivered to its destination.  However, if you live on a dead end or narrow street, you may have to choose an alternate nearby location where your motorcycle can be delivered.
  • Terminal-to-terminal transport – this option is more cost-effective than door-to-door, but it means that you will have to pick up your motorcycle at a depot or terminal that may not be in close proximity to its final destination. Consequently, this method may be inconvenient for some.

How do I prepare my motorcycle for crated transport?

Some motorcycle owners prefer having their bikes transported in a crate as well as an enclosed carrier.  Unlike many motorcycle shipping services, that are not set up to handle this type of shipping method, you won’t have to worry about it when shipping your bike with Cheap Motorcycle Shipping.  With crated transport, the key to ensuring that your bike arrives in the same condition as when it was loaded is preparation.  We ensure that everything is taken care of during transit. With strong communication with our clients, you will be informed about the transit and other aspects of the shipping all through the process.

Here are some helpful tips for preparing your motorcycle for the trip:

  • Make sure you clean the bike and removed all dirt and road grime. This includes the wheels
  • Remove any accessories
  • If the bike has an alarm system, be sure you disable it
  • Check the battery, fluids, and tire pressure
  • Leave no more than 1/4 of a tank of gas
  • Inspect and document, with photos, any damage or mechanical issues that exist; be sure to inform the driver of these issues

Although this isn’t always the case, you may need to remove the handlebars and pay for additional room is space becomes an issue. We will assist you at every step and ensure the whole process is seamless and all documentation is taken care of.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

Trying to calculate the cost shipping a motorcycle can be somewhat challenging without getting an online quote first.  This is easy to do.  Just go to the Cheap Motorcycle Shipping home page and click on the “Get Quote” button in the upper right corner.  This will redirect you to the shipping quote form that you fill out in order to get an idea of what the cost will be.  There are certain factors that we consider in order to calculate the cost of shipping.  This includes:


  • age and condition of the bike
  • coverage provided and fees for additional insurance
  • current fuel costs
  • distance from pick-up to delivery destination
  • make and model of the bike
  • time of year
  • transport method and other shipping options that are selected

To learn more about crated transport or to get an estimate of the shipping costs for your bike, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today.