Motorcycle Shipping Brokers

Whether you’re going on an extended road trip overseas or moving out of state, you want to rely on a motorcycle shipping broker to ensure that your bike arrives safe and sound at your destination.  Your prized two-wheel possession is far too valuable to leave it in the hands of an inexperienced or unqualified vehicle transport service.  That’s where Cheap Motorcycle Shipping can help.  We offer one of the most extensive lines of high-quality and reliable motorcycle shipping services at the most competitive rates.

How do motorcycle shipping brokers differ from other transport carriers?

Although it can be confusing to understand the difference from a motorcycle shipping broker and other transport carriers, it pays to know why.  Brokers give you comparative quotes from multiple companies and provide quicker service.  Furthermore, the reason transport carriers are often slower than a broker is because they have a smaller fleet of trucks.  When it comes to comparing the two, the differences are broken down based on the following elements:

  • Availability – although there are more carriers out there than brokers, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is easier to find because of having a strong online presence
  • Customer experience – in many cases, auto transport services fail to stay in contact with their customers throughout the shipping process whereas brokers are much more accessible
  • Insurance coverage – transport companies are not allowed to ship your motorcycle unless they have insurance and that can often be difficult to track down
  • Price – brokers can provide multiple quotes and typically offer lower shipping rates
  • Reputation – unfortunately, many transport services have sketchy reputations; those that do can be difficult to locate

When it comes to getting a shipping cost quote, a motorcycle shipping broker such as Cheap Motorcycle Shipping can gather quotes from numerous transport companies much quicker.  Having access to a large network of carriers enables shipping brokers to compare dozens of prices and tell you which are the most affordable.

But aren’t all motorcycle shipping brokers the same?

As with any other type of service business, it’s very important to put in some due diligence and research several companies before making your decision.  After all, you don’t want to entrust your bike to just anyone.  There’s more to motorcycle shipping than just getting one’s bike from Point A to Point B.  The bottom line is that no two motorcycle shipping brokers are alike.  Many simply don’t have the resources necessary that Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has to facilitate your needs.  The last thing you need is not knowing the location of your bike while you’re waiting for it to arrive.

Do you get more options with a broker or a carrier?

Another key feature of dealing with a shipping broker versus a carrier is the fact that you save a lot of time and usually money.  Plus, there are fewer hassles when you work with a shipping broker.  The reality is that many carriers don’t have the equipment, and therefore, the ability to communicate with their drivers the way that a shipping broker does.  Unlike the customer service representative (CSR) at a carrier service who has numerous responsibilities and can easily lose you in the shuffle, the CSR at a motorcycle shipping broker focuses on one thing only – YOU.

What are the advantages of going through a broker to ship your bike?

There are a number of advantages when it comes to using a shipping broker to deliver your motorcycle to its new location that you don’t get when using a transport carrier service.  Keep in mind that there are dozens of shipping companies out there that are hungry for your business and the quality of the services provided by these companies can vary dramatically.  One of the key advantages of hiring Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is our knowledge of the motorcycle shipping industry. With decades of experience, we have a strong network of partner shipping agents that ensure that all domestic and international deliveries are handled seamlessly. That is why whether you need to ship your motorcycle across the state or across the seas, we will handle it professionally and at the most cost-effective prices.   

Another advantage using us as your motorcycle shipping broker is that we offer one of the most comprehensive lines of services in our industry.  We have access to a large network of transport carriers who use a variety of shipping methods for shipping your bike.  As a broker, the US Department of Transportation requires us to verify that the transport carrier we refer a customer to is bonded, insured, and licensed to transport your bike across state lines.

For more information about using motorcycle shipping broker instead of a transport carrier, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today. Our business representatives are available round the clock to assist you. Call us now.