Minnesota Motorcycle Shipping

Whether you’re relocating to Minnesota permanently or temporarily, or you just want to tour the state on two wheels, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers an extensive range of Minnesota motorcycle shipping services to accommodate your needs.  Minnesota has some of the most beautiful scenery in the northern U.S. and being able to see as much of it as possible on your motorcycle could be the journey of a lifetime.  Shipping your bike from out of state will reduce wear and tear, while at the same time ensuring that it arrives safely and undamaged.

How do you prepare your motorcycle for shipping?

Although we will do everything in our power to ensure that your motorcycle gets to the destination of your choice safe and sound, you have the responsibility of making sure that it will be ready for pick-up when the transport driver arrives.  By preparing the bike for shipment, it will prevent those who are transporting it from getting injured while at the same time keeping it safe from harm during transit.  The following tasks should be done before the scheduled Minnesota motorcycle transport pick-up:

  • Disable the alarm system (if one has been installed).
  • Disconnect the battery (if required).
  • If requested by the shipper, remove the handlebars and any other protruding parts off the bike. Furthermore, tighten down any loose components or parts.
  • If time permits, have your mechanic address any mechanical issues before the day it is picked up for shipping.
  • Make sure that all accessories and personal items have been removed.
  • Take photos of the bike as proof of its condition before the transport driver arrives to pick it up.
  • Thoroughly wash the entire bike, including the wheels to remove all debris, dirt, and road grime.
  • With the exception of the gas tank, make sure you have drained all fluids. Leave the gas tank no more than 1/4 full.

This ensures that the motorcycle will meet all  required shipping regulations and is secure during the transportation.

How will your motorcycle be shipped?

There are many benefits of choosing Cheap Motorcycle Shipping when it comes to shipping your bike.  One of those benefits is the range of transport options that we currently with our Minnesota motorcycle shipping services.  There are basically 5 transport options when shipping your bike including:

Crated transport – as the name implies, your motorcycle is placed in an enclosed crate once it has been secured to a pallet.  While this is one of the more popular options, it may require some additional preparation such as removing the handlebars and mirrors if they interfere with the confines of the crate. However, this offers greater protection to your motorcycle during transit.

Door-to-door transport – often referred to as the roll-on/roll-off method, this option is what the name implies.  Your bike must be in maneuverable, rolling condition and the fork lock must be disengaged or in the “OFF” position.  Cheap Motorcycle Shipping will have the Minnesota motorcycle shipping driver pick up your bike at a specified location and then deliver it to the destination of your choice.

Enclosed transport – although this is the costliest transport option, if the safety and security of your bike are your primary priorities, this is your best choice.  Enclosed transport not only maintains the safety and security of your motorcycle during transit, it ensures that it will be protected from all environmental elements.

Open-air transport – if you’re concerned about shipping costs, this transport option is the most budget-friendly of the bunch.  However, your motorcycle will be exposed to the elements and road conditions if you choose this option.

Terminal-to-terminal transport – this is also a cost-effective Minnesota motorcycle shipping option for those of you who don’t have a problem picking up your bike at a depot or terminal that may not be conveniently located near its destination.

How much will it cost to ship your motorcycle?

There are a number of factors that Cheap Motorcycle Shipping takes into account when calculating the cost to ship your bike.  However, it’s difficult to come up with an honest quote until we know certain information about your bike.  Although the average cost to ship a motorcycle within the U.S is around $500, there are other factors that may play a significant role when determining shipping costs such as:

  • age, condition, make, and model of the bike
  • fuel costs
  • shipping distance
  • size and weight of the bike
  • time of the year
  • type of transport selected

Though we take care that the motorcycle is secured during transit, if you have an expensive motorcycle or a vintage one that requires extra protection, it is best to take on additional transit insurance.

For more information regarding our Minnesota motorcycle shipping services, contact business representatives at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today.