Ship Your Motorcycle Overseas

Costs to Ship a Motorcycle: How to Get the Best Prices

Whether you’re spending a year abroad and want to travel on your motorcycle like the locals do, you’re planning an indefinite move overseas, or you want to ship your motorcycle internationally for any other reason, it can feel nerve-wracking to hand your motorcycle over to a group of strangers, merely hoping you’ll see it when you arrive at your destination. To help quiet those nerves a bit, here’s a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know when seeking an international motorcycle shipping service.

How Does International Motorcycle Shipping Work?

Generally, motorcycles are loaded into containers (either freely or inside of an additional crate); the containers are then loaded onto some sort of transport carrier, where they remain for the duration of the trip. Once a motorcycle reaches its destination country, it may be transported directly to the owner.

As you might expect, the exact timeline, shipping methods, and cost for transporting a motorcycle internationally can vary significantly depending on the destination, as well as a number of other factors.

What Is The Average Cost of International Motorcycle Shipping?

Though it’s difficult to provide a firm estimate without specific details, you can expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500 for international motorcycle shipping.

Some of the factors which can influence that price include the distance of the trip, the size of the bike, the type of shipping service you select, any applicable taxes and duties at the destination country, and additional services you select from the shipping provider.

The best way to get a clear picture of what you can expect to pay for international motorcycle shipping is to simply begin gathering quotes and comparing your options.

How Do I Know That An International Motorcycle Shipping Service Is Reputable?

There are a few ways to sort out trustworthy shipping companies from those looking to take advantage of you: creditable services will freely offer quotes at no cost to you, they will provide information about their services in great detail, and they will willingly engage with you to answer any questions you may have about their processes.

Companies that lack the proper infrastructure or ethics may provide a quote that appears incredibly affordable, but they will tack on hefty charges and surcharges after the fact; always ask about any fees that aren’t included in the quote. Additionally, if you have a hard time getting in touch with a company, it’s not a good sign in terms of the reliability of their international shipping services.

What Should I Do to Prepare My Motorcycle for International Shipping?

Before sending your bike off on its big trip, it’s a good idea to inspect it carefully and make note of any damage. Since your bike will likely have to be enclosed in a crate or container for its international travel, you should also drain the fluids before pickup.

Beyond those few simple tasks, there’s nothing else you need to worry about—at least not when you work with Cheap Motorcycle Shipping. We take care of details like loading your bike on a pallet and making sure it’s secure, so you can enjoy a truly pain-free international shipping experience. It’s worth noting that other companies may require additional work on your end, so be sure to review the specific policies of whichever service you choose.

When Will My Motorcycle Arrive At Its International Destination?

The timeline for international shipping depends on exactly how far your motorcycle is traveling; the good news is that Cheap Motorcycle Shipping gives you details about drop off ahead of time, and we even give you the option to track your motorcycle during its journey.

We understand that the idea of handing over your bike to let someone else transport it thousands of miles is uncomfortable; that’s why we are committed to maintaining our promises in terms of shipping dates so the situation doesn’t cause you any undue stress.

When you’re ready to investigate your international shipping options, fill out the form to receive a free quote from Cheap Motorcycle Shipping. If you have any unanswered questions about the details of international motorcycle shipping services, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff.