How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Motorcycle To New Zealand?

If you’ve ever considered shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand or any other country overseas, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping has been an industry leader in international motorcycle transport.  Whether you want to ship your motorcycle for a bike rally or an extended stay and cruise the New Zealand countryside, we’ll ensure that it arrives safely and undamaged.  Our overseas motorcycle transport services include a range of shipping options at some of the most cost-effective rates in our industry.

How does shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand differ from shipping one domestically?

Shipping a motorcycle overseas with Cheap Motorcycle Shipping is very similar to shipping it domestically.  The key difference is that it involves one additional step, namely transporting it on a ship.  There are 3 steps involved when shipping a motorcycle internationally:

  • Transporting it from its current location (origination point) to the shipping port
  • Shipping the bike from one port to the port of entry
  • Transporting it from the port of entry to its new location

Although it is cheaper than transporting other types of 4-wheeled vehicles, that one extra step can significantly add to the shipping costs.

What is the cost to ship motorcycle to New Zealand, when using Cheap Motorcycle Shipping?

Where transporting a motorcycle to New Zealand is concerned, it will most likely ship from a port on the West Coast (Los Angeles) because it’s a shorter distance than if it was shipped from other locations.  Furthermore, if the motorcycle’s origination point and intended destination are not close to a shipping port, this will add to the cost of shipping it because of the added ground transport.

Industry statistics show that the average cost of shipping a motorcycle overseas will range from $1,000 to $2,000 or more depending upon the distance.  Shipping costs are influenced by the following factors:

  • age and condition
  • make and model
  • New Zealand’s duties and taxes
  • pick-up and delivery location
  • size and weight
  • time of year

Our motorcycle shipping specialists can ship your bike to New Zealand, or any other country of your choice, from just about anywhere in the US.  We also offer convenient shipping locations as well as a range of transport options to choose from. With decades in the business of shipping motorcycles, we understand the nuances of the whole process including dealing with custom officials at international ports and the related documentation. We take care of all of these aspects for you.

What about duties and taxes?

Other factors that influence the cost of shipping a motorcycle overseas are duties and taxes.  Whenever you are shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand, you’ll have to pay duties and taxes.  You may also be required to pay a goods and service tax.  You can stay in country for up to a year before you have to pay any fees or taxes.  However, if you decide to move there, you’ll be exempt from paying these provided you can prove you’ve owned your motorcycle for more than a year and lived outside the country for more than 21 months.  The motorcycle must meet all road use requirements in New Zealand.

What transport methods does our company offer?

One of the qualities that separate Cheap Motorcycle Shipping from the other competitors in our industry is the extensive line of shipping methods that we offer.  With these different methods, shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand has never been easier or more affordable.  Our international transport options include:

  • Container transport – this is one of the more cost-effective methods for shipping your bike, especially if you don’t mind that other bikes will be in the container with yours. The motorcycle is secured with soft tie-down straps inside a container.
  • Crated transport – this is another affordable method for shipping a bike overseas. The bike is securely fastened in an enclosed wooden crate and then palletized for shipping.
  • Door-to-door transport – the convenience of shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand and having it delivered to your exact location is a great option. Although it is costlier, this method is the ultimate in convenience.
  • Port-to-port transport – your motorcycle is picked up and taken to the shipping port, and then picked up at either the Auckland, Christchurch, or Wellington port of entry. This method involves more legwork, but it eliminates overland shipping costs.
  • Roll-on/roll-off transport – as one of the more popular methods, you motorcycle is driven onto a ship, secured using tie-downs with other bikes and vehicles on the deck, and then transported to the intended port of entry.

If you are unsure of the process, allow us to walk you through it and make the shipping procedure, seamless and simple for you. For additional information regarding shipping a motorcycle to New Zealand or to speak with a company representative, contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today. Call us today.