How Do I Ship My Motorcycle?

Ship Motorcycle Cross Country

If you’ve ever known a motorcycle owner, you know they are extremely finicky about who they let near their bikes, especially when it comes to shipping them domestically or internationally.  At Cheap Motorcycle Shipping, that’s what we do and who we are.  Since Day 1, we’ve satisfied the needs of motorcyclists in just about every part of the US and we’d welcome the opportunity to help you when moving to a new location. Our large network of motorcycle shipping agents ensures that we have a reliable partner wherever you need to ship your motorcycle globally.

How do we ship motorcycles?

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked when a prospective client first contacts us is “how do I ship my motorcycle?” Our initial answer is “safely and securely.”  But it really goes beyond that.  When it comes to shipping motorcycles, we do everything in our power to accommodate our two-wheeled enthusiasts.  Since no two motorcyclists are alike, we offer several transport options including:

  • Crated transport – this option involves safely securing your motorcycle to a pallet and enclosing it in a crate before it gets loaded onto a trailer. Although this is one of the more popular transport options, it may require some additional preparation on the part of the owner.
  • Door-to-door transport – for those customers that prefer the convenience of having their bikes shipped directly to their new location, this is the most popular option. Since door-to-door interstate motorcycle transport is classified as a “premium” shipping option, it will have a higher cost attached to it.
  • Enclosed transport – if your main concerns are protecting your bike from the hazards of the road and weather elements while at the same time ensuring that it will be safe and secure during transport, this is the option that will best suit your needs. It is also a costlier option to consider.
  • Open-air transport – for those of you that have budget concerns, this is the most cost-effective option. With this option, your bike is secured on an open flatbed or tow trailer.  So, if you’re uncomfortable about having your bike exposed to driving conditions and the weather, this isn’t the transport option to choose.
  • Terminal-to-terminal transport – although this is one of the more cost-effective transport options, it’s not always the most convenient. This is especially true if the depot or terminal that your motorcycle is being shipped to is a considerable distant from your new location. You will need to go and pick up the motorcycle from the port/terminal of destination.

Whenever the specialists at Cheap Motorcycle Shipping are asked “how do I ship my motorcycle?” we will recommend the transport option that we feel is best suited to your needs.  Ultimately, the decision rests on your shoulders. You will need to consider your budget and personal requirements before you decide and let us know. We’ll work with you accordingly and help ship your motorcycle accordingly.

How much will it cost to ship your motorcycle?

It’s nearly impossible to figure what it will cost to ship your bike without doing an in-person estimate.  You can call us or get a basic idea by visiting our website and clicking on the “Get Quote” button in the upper right corner of our home page.  That way, we’ll have a better idea of your needs and requirements.  However, there are several factors that we take into consideration when calculating the cost of shipping your bike.  These include:

  • age and condition of the bike
  • distance from the pick-up location and delivery destination
  • fuel costs and related travel fees
  • liability and valuation coverage as well as 3rd party insurance
  • make and model of the bike
  • time of year that your bike is being shipped
  • transport method and shipping options chosen

There may be additional charges that appear on the final bill depending on any difficulty involved in the delivery, how well or poorly prepared your bike was for shipping (see the steps for preparation below), and so on.

How do you prepare your motorcycle for shipping?

The way in which your bike must be prepared for shipping is a key factor when answering the question “how do I ship my motorcycle?” You need to ensure that the motorcycle is prepared that adheres to the state mandatory methods. It’s very important that you complete the following task before your scheduled pick-up day:

  • Disable the alarm system (if it has one)
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Drain all the fluids; leave the gas tank 1/4 full
  • If possible, have your mechanic address any maintenance and repair issues
  • Take photos of the bike as proof of its condition prior to shipping
  • Wash the bike and wheels thoroughly

To learn more about shipping your motorcycle domestically or internationally, please contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping at your earliest convenience.