Hog Motorcycle Shipping

Domestic and International Transport Solutions for Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Individuals who own Harley Davidson motorcycles are very protective of them and demand the utmost care from others that may be allowed to handle them.  For instance, they’ll only trust certain mechanics to perform preventative maintenance on them or make repairs when necessary.  The same goes for those occasions when they are shipping their Harley’s when moving to a new location or are planning to take a vacation overseas and want to have their bikes with them.

What are “hog” motorcycle shipping services?

Whether you need to ship your motorcycle locally, nationwide, or internationally, Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers affordable “hog” motorcycle shipping services that will ensure the safety and security of your bike during transit.  “HOG” stands for Harley Owners Group, a community marketing club operated and sponsored by Harley Davidson for those individuals who are enthusiasts of that brand name.  HOG is the grandfather of the brand’s community-building faction that not only promotes the bike, but the Harley Davidson lifestyle as well.

What is the best hog motorcycle shipping method?

We’ve yet to meet a Harley Davidson owner who didn’t demand the utmost protection for their bikes when shipping them to a new or temporary location.  Cheap Motorcycle Shipping offers several ways to transport motorcycles.  But, the best way to ensure that your Harley completely protected from the elements and road conditions is to schedule “door-to-door” transport.  With this shipping method, we will try to arrange the pick-up of your bike at your home of other specified location.

If, for some unforeseen reason, this is not possible, the transport driver will schedule a pick-up location that is close by and convenient for you.  A nearby parking lot with plenty of navigating and turning room will work best.  The same applies when your Harley is being delivered.  The driver will attempt to deliver the bike directly to its new location provided circumstances permit them to do so.  If not, they will meet you in a nearby parking that can accommodate the delivery truck and trailer.

How do you prepare your bike for hog motorcycle shipping?

While the Cheap Motorcycle Shipping experts have been skillfully trained in all facets of shipping Harley Davidson’s, the owner of the bike must ensure that it is prepared for shipment prior to the arrival of the transport driver.  In order to make sure that your bike is ready on the scheduled pick-up date, start by checking for any pre-existing damage by taking photos of your Harley from different angles.  Document any damage that you find.  In order to do this properly:

  • Clean your Harley and its wheels thoroughly
  • List any mechanical or repair issues (if possible, have your mechanic do preventative maintenance and make any repairs necessary)
  • Make a note of any cosmetic damage such as chips, dents, scratches, etc.
  • Date all of the documentation and make sure that the transport driver gets a copy of everything when they first arrive

To further ensure that your bike is prepared for the hog motorcycle shipping crew, you should complete the following tasks up to a week prior to the scheduled pick-up date:

  • Disable the alarm system (if there is one)
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Drain all the fluids except your gas tank (leave that no more than 1/4 full)
  • You may need to remove the handlebars, side mirrors, and any other protruding parts if the shipping crate or container cannot accommodate the overall size of your Harley Davidson

Following these simple steps will ensure that your bike is safe from any further damage before arriving at its intended destination. However, our wide network of shipping agents ensure that utmost care is taken of each motorcycle that we are entrusted with so that there is no damage during transit. Irrespective of the method of shopping that you choose, we ensure it is safety tethered and protected during the transit.

How much does our hog motorcycle shipping services cost?

On average, you’d be looking at a cost of $500 to ship your Harley in the US.  Naturally, there are a lot of factors that will play a role in the cost of shipping such as the distance, type of transport, time of year, etc.  Statistics show that shorter trips will cost from $200 to $300 and are usually charged as a flat rate.  The cost of a Long-distance transport of 1,000 miles or more will range between $400 and $600.  In general, a trip of 1,000 miles or more will cost $0.50 per mile.

If you have questions or need clarifications, we are available to help you get clarity and answers. For more information about our hog motorcycle shipping services, we encourage you to contact Cheap Motorcycle Shipping today.