How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Motorcycle Overseas?

International travel is a thrill in and of itself, moving to a new country is a type of excitement most people only dream of experiencing. If you’re taking the plunge and leaving behind your home country in favor of a new land, you’re likely eager to make the leap, but your enthusiasm could be hampered by the realization that it’s costly to transport all of your possessions to your new home. Fortunately, shipping your bike overseas may be more affordable than you think.

Is It Worth It to Ship A Motorcycle Overseas?

No matter where you’re moving, it’s almost certainly a smart move to ship your motorcycle there for the simple reason that you’ll need a reliable form of transportation, and motorbikes are an incredibly popular way to get around in virtually every country.

In fact, motorcycles are more popular in the vast majority of other countries than they are in the United States, so whether you’re moving to Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Japan, or virtually anywhere else, you’ll find yourself in good company on your bike.

Plus, shipping your motorcycle is an economical choice. Not only is it cheaper to ship a bike than a car, but bikes also take far less gas than automobiles, and this is bound to be a blessing considering gas prices are higher in most countries other than the United States.

While it’s possible that public transportation will be an option where you’re moving, you can’t put a price tag on freedom and independence—that’s what you’re really gaining when you choose to ship your motorcycle with you overseas.

What Are The Shipping Options?

When it comes to transporting your motorcycle overseas, you can generally choose between crated and container shipping. Since crates are loaded into containers, the only difference between these two options is the fact that crates add an extra level of security; container shipping involves loading the bike without additional protection.

Crates are usually built around motorcycles then added into containers for the duration of shipping. With container shipping, motorcycles are strapped down securely next to one another inside of an open container to make their trip to another country.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Motorcycle Overseas?

On average, you can expect to pay somewhere around $1,000-$2,500 for overseas motorcycle shipping, but that number is dependent on a wide range of factors. The type and size of your bike, the distance of the trip, the destination, the type of service you select, and other details can all influence shipping costs.

Some shipping cost variables boil down to common sense. For example, it’s obvious that a larger bike that requires more space will cost more to transport than a very lightweight and compact motorcycle; similarly, it makes sense that container shipping is more economical than a crated option.

The reason that destination is a factor in the cost of shipping has to do with taxes and duties; these vary by country, so there’s no way to make sweeping estimates on this front.

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping works hard to offer the most competitive prices in the industry, coupled with additional benefits like tracking options, so you know exactly where your motorcycle is throughout its overseas journey.

How Can I Start The Process of Shipping My Motorcycle Overseas?

First, you need to gather information such as your new zip code and your planned move date; with that in mind, you’ll be able to seek shipping quotes.

Once you have an idea of the date you’d like your motorcycle picked up, you can fill out our form to receive a free quote from Cheap Motorcycle Shipping. We’ll provide details about pick up, drop off, and insurance options, so you can assess every facet of our quote carefully.

Cheap Motorcycle Shipping knows that relocating is stressful under any circumstances, but moving your life to an entirely new country comes with considerations most people never have to fathom. Luckily, shipping your motorcycle overseas can be one item on your to-do list that doesn’t cause anxiety when you work with us—we’ll go to great lengths to ensure your bike is delivered on time and in great condition.

To learn more about our international shipping options, or to discuss the details of how we handle transporting bikes overseas, reach out to the Cheap Motorcycle Shipping team today.